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Negosentro|TestClear is the most popular brand of imitation urine that amassed much attention in recent times. The powered urine used in the test is human urine, not synthetics, and it is good to bypass the urine tests. It is in the detox business for the last 23 years and reviewed as one of the best companies in the detox market.

TestClear has a plethora of useful products, including shampoos, to help pass your drug test successfully. The company offers a variety of drug test kits, and you can choose a program by testing method or drug name. All the products offered by TestClear can surely help you pass your drug test.

Now, in this article, we have enlightened and have a closer look and review the TestClear. So, read the guide till the end to make the right decision. Here are some reviews and ratings.

How to use powdered urine?

So, before testing this product, you must need to know how you can use it. You have to be very precise and careful to follow the method for good results. 

Step 1. Initially, you have to pour powdered urine into the tube. 

Step 2. Once done, fill the tube with water and cover it. Shake it to entirely dissolve and make a solution.

Step 3. Now peel the temperature strip and stick it to the reverse side of the tube. You need to stick the strip opposite of the tube for temperature.

Step 4. Heat the temperature in a range of 90 to 99 degrees. You have to maintain the temperature to clear the drug test.

Note:- Use the urine in the vial instead of your urine.

Well, there are a couple of downfalls too because of the faulty components or not obeying the rules correctly. It provides a negative test result in any drug-related test. The TestClear definitely works and can help you get the results.

How to use the Detox Kit?

Before moving further, most of you might not know what detox is. Well, detoxification is a process that eliminates undesirable chemicals. Minerals, as well as metals, form the body. The reason behind it is pollutants, drug addiction, eating habits, and more. 

Now, there are a lot of detox tests available in the market, depending on your needs. Several types of products available in the market, and to clear your drug test coming up in a week, here is the guide to help you.

Step 1. Consume supplements with enriched protein food and dietary fiber.

Step 2. Drink as much water as you can to enhance the effectiveness of the system.

Do these steps for 5 days.

Step 3. On the fifth-day, use detox juice at least 2 hours after the last pill you have taken.

Step 4. In case you don’t like the taste, try adding orange juice to it.

Step 5. Now drink whatever remains of the juice and fast for 2 hours after it. 

Step 6. Eat healthy food until the prior day of the test and use dietary fiber supplements. 

Step 7. Again drink water and in the following hour, try to pee 2 to 3 times. Now, go to the lab for your test.

I hope you have successfully passed the drug test. 

TestClear Reviews

There are so many reasons to have things like Test Clear. It is basically designed to help people who fail in the schedule test. Test Clear basically manipulates your test results by showing negative to keep your job.

TestClear Kits comes with bare-bones, powdered urine, necessary instructions, a flask or a vial, and a heating pad. It functions quite well and will do the job for you. It’s easy to use. TestClear can surely help you in manipulating your results of the unsupervised test.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Is there any temperature strip in Test Clear Kit?

A.1. Yes! The TestClear kit box has the temperature strips, and one can quickly get familiar with it. Read the given guide properly to use these temperature strips.

Q.2. Does TestClear can be reutilized?

A.2. If you don’t need the entire amount for your urine sample, then you can reuse the TestClear. However, you need to very careful with the temperature. Try not to heat it again and again.

Q.3. Does powered urine have a shelf life?

A.3. Well, the answer is yes, it has a shelf life. You have to always check the use-by-date on the box before you start using it. The average expiry date in most cases is 2 to 3 months, and beyond the date, don’t use it.

Q.4. Is TestClear easily available in stores?

A.4. No! The TestClear isn’t available in stores. The company sells it directly to the public through its online store. Try not to buy counterfeit products.

Q.5. Where should I store my TestClear kit box?

A.5. You can keep the TestClear in the refrigerator. It is one of the best ways to store in the fridge if not used immediately. The concentration might get evaporated if the bottle is kept opened.

The Summary

We have shared every possible information about passing a drug test. It is good to pay some extra amount to get the quality products than risking your life. Now to achieve the results as expected, then you must avoid the drug for at least 2 to 3 days before. 

Try only the trusted brands for your test and avoid other’s urine because you might not be familiar with it. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section. Share your experience of using TestClear and tell us which test you have chosen and why.

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