Technology Trends to Watch For in 2017


by Nikhil Aggarwal, |

Gone are the days when there was one big monumental breakthrough that grabbed everyone’s attention. We are in a very competitive age and there is always something new to catch us by surprise every time. 2016 was surely a year of innovation, but it’s over and tech-trend watchers are already looking forward to what 2017 is going to usher in. Several technologies caught on in 2016 and in 2017 there will be tremendous growth. Here is a snapshot of what trends in technology will look like in 2017:

  • IoT: By now we all know what Internet of things is. It has gained quite the ground connecting physical devices with similar devices and allowing business to collect key specific data. It has also swept away the world of consumer technology in the form of smart homes. 2017 will only have IoT catch on faster than ever. The next wave will have machines interacting with each other, taking care of processes with the least human intervention. It will be huge especially for process manufacturing companies, logistics firms and trucking services leading to the era of Industrial Internet.
  • Digital Interfaces in the form of Augmented and Virtual Reality: The augmented reality game of Pokemon Go had everyone on their feet in 2016. But it’s only old news now. More is expected in 2017 – much more. There are several AR/VR projects on their way in the fields of transportation, travel, manufacturing, healthcare, training and much more. Amazon Go already has started leveraging this technology and in this year several augmented reality and virtual reality versions are going to pop-up everywhere.
  • Blockchain: Ever since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, there has always been an air of mystery and awe around this cryptocurrency and the technology behind it. Several industries and governments have tried using this technology for the high-level of security it offers and for the fact that it is tamper proof. Music industries have been testing it for title registry and identity verification. Diamond merchants are using it to track their diamonds to make sure they are not being used to fund militant operations. Governments, Financial and Banking Institutions – everyone is testing this technology for its promises and in 2017 it will have wide spread use.
  • The Revolution of Chatbots: In 2017, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence will be on the rise, becoming more powerful than ever with more people using smartphones. It can help identify members of a team who have the skillset to tackle a situation and rank them accordingly.
  • Security, Privacy and Biometrics: As technology evolves, the risk of security and data breaches keeps heightening. 2017 may be a year of breakthrough biometrics leaving behind the ear of complicated passwords which need to be changed every once in a while. The next generation of security will witness the integration of biometrics with behaviour analytics securing the privacy of bank accounts, health records, government databases and every other field where there is sensitive information involved. Security trends will move from triggering alerts in case of a breach to a managed services model with real-time responses and damage control measures kicking in.
  • Virtual Offices and Services: The millennial workforce wants more from their jobs – for one, they want to have the freedom to be able to work from anywhere and at any time. It gives them more flexibility to work and also brings in a work life balance. Mobile storages are increasing, and there is advanced device security and mobility features. Companies too are seeing the benefits of working ROBO – remote office/ branch office. 2017 will continue to see a rise in virtual work environments.
  • More Cloud: Yes, every business is cloud-bound. But that’s not what’s new. 2017 will see the emergence of simplified cloud platforms and the migration will continue with at least 80% of businesses having migrated to cloud by 2020.

2017 will also see a growth in advanced machine learning, self-driven transport, cognitive systems, 3D printing, advancements in big data, the proliferation of DIY business apps, humanized data, advanced collaboration, fog computing and much more. New technology trends, big or small will emerge everywhere changing the way businesses are done and also the way the consumer lives. It is only a matter of time until we find ourselves living in a sci-fi movie except for the fact that, what was fiction will now be real.

Author’s Bio: I’m currently working as Content Manager with Webworld Experts. I have a great passion for online marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective internet marketing strategies for them. Apart from SEO & Digital Marketing, I have keen interest in Web Development, Outsource Web Application Development, Content Marketing, Web Design Strategies and Responsive Website Design.

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