Technology That Has Improved Our Lives

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Negosentro | Technology — Where Would We Be Without It?


The collection of different techniques, used to make goods and/or services. The basis of technology is the development and or use of basic daily tools. Where would we be, and who would we be without the technology we have available to us today?


Technology has helped in the medical field a lot over the years. The growth in medical technology has helped save lives, lowered infant mortality, cures for disease is now available, and its is helping people who otherwise would be dead stay alive healthy and thriving. Technology helps doctors to be able to monitor patients health accurately. Through technology patients are able to reduce visits back and forth constantly to the doctors office and or emergency room.

There is now a Robotic-Assisted Surgery available to patients if they choose this route. People who have families and have a job to get back to don’t need to be out of work months after being opened up and operated on by a doctor. Intuitive was founded in 1995. Some of the top experts in minimally invasive surgery, robotic technology and human-to-machine came together to create this wonderful thing that would change peoples lives after surgery. In 1999 Intuitive launched its first ever Da Vinci surgical system. In the year 2000 Da Vinci became one of the first robotic-assisted surgical systems to be approved by the FDA.


Our safety and feelings of security have drastically increased with the development of new technology. Being able to carry cellphones with us everywhere is definitely an advantage. If you are in a bad situation you can call a friend or family member- more importantly you can call 911 on demand. We also have seen a huge advancement in security systems everywhere. Every store nowadays has wireless security cameras to detect any theft or suspicious activity. This has kept customers and store workers a lot safer than they used to be. If anything bad happens they can either prevent it because of their cameras, or they are able to quickly catch whoever did it through identification because of the cameras. Most homes now also have wireless security cameras. They allow homeowners to keep an eye on what is going on outside and inside of their homes. This keeps them and their families much safer than if they had no frame of reference for whatever was going on in their homes.


Technology has been a positive force in the classrooms with teachers and students. Student can now complete classwork and homework assignments online inside and outside

of the classroom. This also helps the teachers because there was a time when they had to deliver all the assignments and walk students how to do it. Now with technology at our fingertips students can access web sites, online tutorials and many other things to assist them while working. Through technology kids and students bonds are growing and relationships are changing; this helps learning for the students and teaching for the teachers more interesting.

I mean sure, ten years ago people used cell phones, computers, digital cameras, GPS devices and so much more. Yet, today people have all the old devices combined into one device. I don’t know about everyone else, but I love only having to remember to take one device as opposed to remembering to take five. The cellphones today have GPS that tells you where you are and where you should be going direction wise. Technology of today allows you to track the phone if it’s lost or stolen as long as it’s turned on at the time. Technology has definitely been a great asset to the people that are alive to experience it at its best.