Talk About Life – Helping Your Teens Prepare for the Real World

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For generations we have been making life easier on our children. There was a time when kids would come home from school and instead of going out to play or hitting the books, they were expected to lend a hand at home or in the family business. Over time the rules changed so that today there are really very few parents who actually expect their teenagers to play such a vital role in the financial or physical survival of the family.

Are We Really Doing Them Any Favours?

While we think we are doing them a favour by allowing them to be ‘kids’ longer, the sad reality is that many of our youth just aren’t leaving school prepared for life in the real world. Perhaps it’s time you had a talk about life with your kids to help them better understand what waits for them out there. Before your kids set out for university, make sure they have a solid grasp on what it takes to survive away from home.

Matters of Safety

From sex education to safe driving, it is vital to talk to your teens about staying safe when mum and dad aren’t around to offer support and advice. Although it isn’t a comfortable topic of discussion, don’t leave sex education up to the schools. Talk to your kids about safe sex, abstinence and the very real danger of teen pregnancy out of wedlock. When it comes to driving, make absolutely certain your kids have had the best lessons and ample experience before providing them with a set of wheels. If your son or daughter is nervous about taking the written theory test, direct them to where they can take free mock tests that will help them learn the theory as well as helping them to pass the test on the very first attempt.

The Information Is There – Find It!

Speaking of preparing for the written portion of a driving test by taking mock exams online, this brings up the topic of spending time on the internet. We have become a society where much of the day is spent talking on a mobile phone, text messaging or gaming on our home PCs. Then there are the social sites that eat up our time which leaves little time for much else. While talking to your kids about life out there in the 9 to 5 real world, it might be a good idea to tell them that the internet can be used for something other than socialising. No matter what you want to do or what you want to know, the information is out there. Help them understand the importance of problem solving and using resources to better themselves instead of using the 24/7 for fun and games.

Parents have given their children an easy time of it because they know how hard life as an adult can be. Unfortunately, by taking so many responsibilities away from them we are, in effect, leaving them helpless in a cold and oftentimes cruel world. If you have made the same mistakes that so many of us have made over the years, now is the time to have ‘the talk’ with your kids. By helping them prepare for what awaits them out there you are giving them the best gift a parent could possibly give – the gift of life in the real world.

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