Taking Driving To A New Level With Unparalleled Car Keys


Jonathan Weyer, Negosentro | A well-designed car key can be a bit more wonderful than most people give it credit for. In this world of computer technology, a car key is more than just a tool. It can be an accessory.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Full-Color Touch Screen – BMW 7-Series

A high-tech car needs a high-tech key fob, and the BMW 7-series delivers. The key fob has the standard key buttons; unlock the doors, open the trunk, and a panic button if you need to get people’s attention. The fancy part is the touchscreen. It’s full-color and 2.2 inches in size. This lets you check for information such as gas levels and locking status with a swipe and a glance.

The key also lets you turn on the lights and the heater/air conditioner before you get to the car. It even lets you park the car via remote. No, really.

Tesla’s Model S key can summon your car remotely.

The fob was even designed to look like a smaller version of the Tesla Model S. Not only can the key unlock the doors, it can be used to make the car roll forward or backward. You don’t need anyone in the car, and you only have to be within eyesight. The shield fob from Koenigsegg looks like some type of superhero accessory!

When you pull out your car keys and want to make an impression, you need something that can make a statement. This particular key fob doesn’t have any particularly special features. It doesn’t have a touch-screen. What it does have is glamour.

If you love the sense of power and authority you have while driving one of these amazing supercars, you’ll love adding one more touch of flair.

This Ferrari key is another key you acquire for looks and symbolism rather than fun technology.

It has some solid weight to it, which makes it feel impressive. It’s smooth and fits well in the palm of the average sized hand. The functional bits are practically hidden. They’re placed on the back and offer three buttons for the doors and the trunk.

The car starts in two parts; you have to stick the key into the ignition and then press a button on the steering wheel. The key is mostly aesthetic, though the ignition does require the key to be slotted in. Plus, the right key can send the right message about your car, so it’s hardly a huge burden!

Sadly, you can only find this key with the older models of Ferrari such as the FF. Ferrari may have given up on the more traditional styles of keys, but this one is still on our list of favorites.

If it’s just not possible to find the old-style key, then this fob is a good choice.

You can still send the right message when you pull your keys out of your pocket to open a beer. That message? You are a successful person with an amazing car. Ferrari typography combines with the simple, compact design of this fob to create an instant classic.

Yet another key chosen for appearance over technology, the Bugatti Veyron’s top speed key can’t be ignored. What makes this key so interesting is that it’s not a key used to start the car.

Instead, you have to use the key in order to start the car’s top speed mode. Hence the name “top speed key”. The Bugatti Veyron can reach a top speed of 253 mph. It’s still an unbelievably fast car even without the top speed key. It can reach up to 213 mph under normal circumstances.

The key will cause the car to retract the rear spoilers and shut the front diffusers. This allows the car to reach those higher speeds.

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Jonathan Weyer is a car enthusiast. He has been fond of cars at a very young age. Every part fascinates him, from the seats to the engine, even the key design! For car door unlocking, key replacements and smart key duplication,  he only trusts automotive locksmith in Houston.