Supporting New Workplace Dynamics with Interior Fit-out and Other Innovative Solutions

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Source: | Supporting New Workplace Dynamics with Interior Fit-out and Other Innovative Solutions | Over the years, online shopping has grown tremendously in popularity. Consumer reports even reveal that in the past two years, there have been several weeks wherein most purchases in certain locations around the globe were made through online transactions rather than in stores.

And now that the world is dealing with a must-stay-home situation that’s the first of its kind in over a hundred years, it’s projected that an increasing number of business operations would be relying more on online transactions as well as more creative processes. What else does this indicate, though? According to business strategists, this means companies that provide products and services should seriously think about tweaking workplaces to suit new operational dynamics.

A Work-Efficient Office

Suffice it to say, workplaces should become suitably efficient to meet the needs of the times. For instance, brick-and-mortar stores with attractive product displays can be transformed into highly organized stock rooms where products can be easily and quickly moved out.

Meanwhile, offices can also think about dedicating more areas for packing, since sales are now focused on delivering orders straight to the homes of customers instead of having them come to the store to buy.

Changes in the physical set-up clearly need to be made, and to make these changes as beneficial as possible, it’s best to work with an interior fit-out company as well as a digital solutions company. 

The interior fit-out or construction company will be responsible for performing the actual physical tweaks on a store that are necessary for the smoother flow of operations. Meanwhile, the digital solutions company will help determine how many physical changes are essential to creating more seamless processes.

Accessible Solutions

For interior fit-out companies, the typical concerns they now have to address include accommodating stocks of products and making sure that designated storage spaces can protect the quality of the products. 

According to a trusted interior fit-out contractor in the UAE, they take into significant consideration not only the layout of a new workplace, but also the materials used for the structure. Factoring in these components allows them to identify the best locations for storing particular products based on how quickly they move out, risks or sensitivities, as well as how the storage structure should be.

Another crucial variable to take into account is accessibility. They strive to make movement as minimally stressful as possible. Therefore, they tap into smart designs to get rid of potential barriers or structural elements that would prompt workers to exert more effort than necessary.

On the other hand, digital solutions companies recommend the use of more automated programs or apps to reduce physical effort, especially in this time of social distancing. For example, the use of a high performing food delivery management software can take information straight from the device of customers to the kitchen. Therefore, there’s no need for a room where orders come in and are conveyed to the production area.

Aside from such software, apps for inventory can also prompt the redesign of stock or inventory rooms. When it’s easier to stay on top of inventory, moving them out becomes faster, too. However, companies must implement strategies for sales and utilization.

New Ideas

Shared Economy

In addition to the exploration of available and appropriate solutions, it is likewise crucial to come up with innovative ways to address all the other aspects of day-to-day operations that have changed. For instance, during this time of restricted movement, it’s deemed smart to share resources.

For example, big companies with large and spacious workplaces should consider renting out a section of their space to a start-up that is not their competition. The rental fee can be significantly lowered to ensure the tenant’s profits and continuous operations.

In highly industrialized and first-world nations, this has become quite a common practice. Big businesses share the economy with smaller enterprises. They get to help each other out in riding out the recession storm. The larger company gets a regular side income to make up for the loss of sales. As for the smaller operations, they are not as burdened by the high cost of rent and cost of utilities.

Reformulation of Products

Another innovative idea that’s addressing needs during this time is the reformulation of products. A perfect example is how a lot of distilleries have made the temporary switch from producing alcoholic beverages to making rubbing alcohol for maintaining hygiene. The switch is a smart one because of the following reasons:

  • It helps maintain operations
  • It preserves workers
  • It ensures sales
  • It gives companies a chance to expand their offerings

Decreased Working Days

In a report shared by Biz Stream on NHK, one of the effective solutions for productivity and increased income despite tough economic times is to play up the “limited availability” concept. This doesn’t just bank on the scarcity principle. Rather, it uses fewer working days to ensure the best services and protect employee engagement.

According to the results of this new concept’s implementation, not only did companies that practice this idea witness an increase in the demand for their products and services, but also, the price increase was not questioned. 

Along with those, it became so much easier for them to prove that they are industry authorities because of their improved focus on the quality of their offerings. They are entirely set apart from their competitors.

In With the New

Indeed, the world is changing fast, and in quite unexpected ways, too. At times, planning doesn’t seem to be of much help because there’s really no way to predict what lies ahead. 

However, it’s important not to get discouraged. Companies should make a commitment to adapt in the best way possible. Of course, making changes and adopting new things are not easy, but all should learn to accept and study ways to alleviate the impact of change.

As such, during this time of considerable uncertainty, it’s wise to preserve what you can for your new workplace, but think outside of the box as well. Taking a step back will allow you to gain a broader perspective of what’s going on, and it may just present you with some of the best ways to provide setbacks with solutions or new opportunities to help your business rise above the current situation.


Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors and Civils Division.