How To Successfully Market Unusual Products


Kevin Gardner, Negosentro | There is no end to unusual niches and products out there. This can make it incredibly difficult to pin down a good marketing strategy for a product that isn’t quite like anything else. While there are many different ways to approach this subject depending on the product and your industry, this guide will go over some of the techniques you can use to successfully market these odd products.

Know Your Target Audience

This tip is an important foundation of marketing any product. However, knowing your target audience is even more important when you’re trying to market an unusual product. You really have to think long and hard about who would want to buy your product and why. Perform market research to determine what kind of customers might be interested in this product. You can look at other types of products and interact with customers for ideas and inspiration.

Revel In Its Strangeness

Highlighting the product’s strangeness helps catch the eyes of customers and intrigues them as to what this product is. Unusual products do not call for a traditional advertising campaign. Be creative and a little wacky. Stand out. You can do this by using odd, perhaps clashing colors or strange imagery. Create a funny video, do a publicity stunt or create an ironic ad. How weird you want to be will largely depend on the product, its purpose and its intended audience. However, the core of this tip remains the same. Make sure the product stands out so customers will remember it.

Tease Your Product’s Release

Teasing your product creates an aura of mystery and intrigues customers. This helps build hype for your product and will have customers marking their calendars for the expected release date. You can tease a product’s release by intentionally leaking information or making “coming soon” posts that reveal a little information about the new product. For an unusual product, this marketing tactic is more likely to pay off because an unusual product is already mysterious to customers.

Lean Heavily On Digital Marketing

Because traditional advertising may not cut it for an unusual product, you will likely want to lean more on digital marketing. Digital marketing is generally cheaper than traditional marketing anyway, and it can help an odd product go viral. Digital marketing also has the advantage of being more easily targetable to your target audience, which will help sell your product. If your company is small or no one knows how to run a successful digital marketing campaign, outsourcing the task is often the best course of action.

Let People Get To Know Your Product

An unusual product is going to have a better chance of success if you make it easier for people to try out or learn more about the product. This can include demos, free samples, free trials, contests and more. What you want is to generate enough interest that customers will begin sharing positive stories and reviews of your product online. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing, but it is also the hardest to achieve and the least scientific. You can start that ball rolling by letting people experience your product and then encouraging them to share and talk about it.

Extol The Product’s Virtues

It needs to be brought to the attention of customers how this unusual product benefits them and, by extension, why they should buy it. For example, Kettle and Fire Bone Broth may be an unusual product, but it has health benefits, is completely organic and comes from 100% grass-fed cows. This information helps it stand out from the other types of broth available on the market. Of course, never go overboard as to be insincere – customers hate that and can detect it – and never lie. At worst, providing inaccurate information about a product’s benefits could result in a costly false advertising lawsuit.

Marketing an unusual product requires an unusual, unconventional approach. Try these tips, and like all marketing, remember that you need to try different ideas and combinations of techniques to see what ends up working best. By marketing your unusual product in an unusual way, customers are sure to sit up and take notice.