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By Roxanne Joyce  M. Malabanan, |

It has been a tradition of the Filipinos to bring “Pasalubong” for their loved ones. I can still remember memories of my childhood whenever my parents come home. I would always shout for joy and jump with excitement, unable to wait for their special treat. We Filipinos tend to be sentimental when it comes to preserving traditions and family ties.  Ofrace and Era Ocampo aimed to keep this tradition by giving treats to Filipino families with their special Kakanin, sweets, and Philippine-made “Pasalubong” products. Through their continuously growing business, having their first tagline “We Serve Memories”, SITSIRYA sari-sari made its name known in the industry. But just like in other any businesses, it also had its ups and downs; indeed, it did not go easily for the couple to establish the business. They encountered several problems along the way, like errors in evaluating locations and financial constraints. Before putting up the business in 1983, Ofrace and Era both ended up jobless due to the economic repercussion brought by the assassination of Ninoy Aquino. These obstacles however, were no match to their hard work, passion, and their determination to succeed.

In 1984, they finally started the business by selling Filipino Kakanin in a small supermarket then later expanding it by joining bazaars and exhibits. In 2001, SITSIRYA sari-sari was invited to set-up their first mall-based outlet after having an exhibit in that same mall. Not too long after that, they were given the chance to get featured in magazines, television programs, radio interviews and the like. It became the stepping stone for SITSIRYA sari-sari’s promising future as they are hopeful for the time when they can bring “Food Specialties of the Islands….To the World!”

SITSIRYA sari-sari brings you the joy of savouring their very own sweet delicacies, especially made for “Panlasang Pinoy”. There are lots of ways to share special moments and memories of having your favorite “Pasalubong” with your loved ones. SITSIRYA sari-sari now offers franchising opportunities for those who wish to be a part of their sweet family.

For more information, visit or like their Facebook page at

For franchising inquiries, email at or call 0920-9209680 / (02) 7135040.


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