Study: Does mobile tech make you uneasy at work and home?

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We all love the connectivity that comes with our smart devices. We can connect with customers across the globe, book a home in another country, and share news and photos in instants. But the connection between us and our phones is leading to an often unwelcome connection between us and our workplaces.

What’s happening start on the weekends: Many of us—especially those that are younger—make it a habit to check in on our emails on that short two-day time off. We’re not taking our time to respond to emails, either—we’re doing it within minutes and usually by day’s end.

The problem is more pervasive with men and people who are under 44, but it affects us all. We’re not only blurring that boundary on weekends, but also on sick days and on vacations, too.

What’s happening to you and the employees in your workplace? Find out with these insights into how smart devices are changing our time off.

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