How Steel Shelving Is Changing the Shelves Industry

by Julianne Mercer, Negosentro |

Certain customers prefer to use steel shelving. There are several options that are available in steel shelving the market. Along with the different number of options available for steel shelves, some companies offer an innovative solution called bottle shelving, which is a very innovative solution. Some of the different types of steel shelving options available are:


This Z beam steel shelving system is one of the most innovative solutions offered in the market. This is one of the best combinations of long span and low profile that measures close to 6 feet and for certain instances can be used to hold 1000s or 100s of pounds. These shelves are limited in space and are ideal for places where there is minimal space. Also, these shelves do not contain a sway brace and it can be accessed from four different sides.


This is a brand of steel shelving that offers both closed and open shelves. The closed design has enclosed side panels on the back and the open shelves can be used from all the four sides. The open design is the most preferred option for bulkier and packaged items, while closed shelves are used for containment and storage. Also, the industrial shelving system makes the disassembly, assembly, and every type of adjustment easy and quick.


For maximizing the space in the industrial floor, there are a wide list of industries who usually rely on the catwalk system. Since steel shelves can be built vertically, additional steel levels can be added to accommodate the growth in storage needs. This shelving system has different options for handrails, gates, and stairs. Also, customers can choose between a double return and a standard based on specific requirements.


This is a type of shelving system that was referred to as the mezzanine. The three primary characteristics include a high-strength 50 KSI steel with unique options for flooring, and a galvanized finish. Also, there are different unique platforms in the market like the shelf or rack-supported, freestanding, and a pre-engineered option. Each of these options are unique in their own way.

Even though there is nothing wrong with the traditional steel shelving systems, bottle shelving has become one of the most popularly used options because of its uses in industries. As indicated, these types of industrial shelving can be easily disassembled and assembled, which makes it an easier to move option. This is very useful for companies that move frequently from one location to the other. Also, such companies need not purchase new shelves every time they shift from one place to the other. All the company must do is to take the existing shelves from one place to the other.

Less Known Facts About Steel shelving

People who don’t know a lot about steel shelving should spend some time understanding the other facets of steel shelves. Some of these facts are:

Boltless Shelving

Many do not know a lot about boltless shelving. As the name suggests, the shelves are assembled without the help of bolts. These shelves can be assembled very easily.

Open Design Shelving

This is also an unknown shelving system in the market. These are open on all four sides and makes it easily accessible on all the four sides. This is perfect for places where space comes for a precisely tight.


Most of the shelf producers use 50 KSI steel. This brand of steel is not very well-known but is gaining in popularity because of its high reliability.

Overall, if businesses are looking to enhance their operations, they should select the right kind of steel shelving system. If the right shelves are not chosen at the right time, the business might end up spending a lot of money on abandoning them and attempting to procure a more suitable one.

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