Startup SEO: What is Essential if You Have a Small Budget?


by Kyla Camille, |

If you’re a website owner with a limited budget, you’re going to face certain obstacles businesses with a large budget don’t face. Paid advertising is probably out of the question. You have to find an alternative, affordable way to generate visitors, leads and customers. SEO is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. However, essential factors you should consider first include the following:

Have a Full Understanding of SEO

Knowledge is power. Many website owners think they know everything there is to know about SEO without getting help from experts like Click Intelligence. Unfortunately this normally ends in failure.

There are many reliable SEO experts willing to take you under their wing until you understand all aspects of this online traffic generation strategy. Some provide affordable coaching and courses. Others may be willing to give you on-the-job work experience.

Keep Up-to-date and Build a Network

Search engines continually change their algorithms which mean SEO techniques that worked last year may not be effective this year. Online user habits also change. It’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. One of the best ways to do this is to network with other individuals who work in the SEO industry.

Joining SEO forums and social networks is an affordable and easy way to meet these like-minded people online. If you can meet these types of people in the flesh, it’s even more beneficial. A wide range of SEO related events take place around the country every year. They’re the perfect places to meet experts and build your network.

Put Time into Planning and Organising

It doesn’t cost money to draw up a comprehensive SEO plan. Once it’s created stick to it.  Schedule each step and give yourself realistic goals and timeframes. If you don’t create a realistic plan you’ll get disheartened, overwhelmed and distracted when you don’t reach your targets.

Be Consistent

When you start out, SEO is tough to master. SEO systems have to be set up such as link building and on-page optimisation for all your content. Most of the time you have to carry out repetitive tasks before you see results. Working consistently each day, week and month will ensure you reap the rewards Search Engine Optimisation has to offer.

You Need to Be Resourceful

Luckily for anyone involved in SEO, the internet provides a massive amount of resources for every type of optimisation activity. Keyword tools, graphics packages, linking tools, SEO checkers and much more can be easily accessed online. Many of these systems have to be paid for, but there are many free alternatives too. Create a list of all these resources you will need for your SEO work. Find out what the professionals use and visit online marketing websites to see the latest developments in this area.

If you’re a start-up SEO, you may not have the budget established individuals and businesses have. However, you have to start somewhere. Each of the essential factors above should be considered carefully before you make your next move.

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