Social fund and PIP – A benefit for the individuals

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UK governments are providing financial benefits to the peoples in the name of social fund and PIP. PIP which stands for personal independence payment,made by the UK government which is a transfer payment to benefit the common people with poor health and disabilities for long time period. Social fund is a special government scheme which help the people with the access to money in the time of crisis. The money in the social fund is given for several different cases and sometime it is also considered as loan.

PIP scheme details:

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is the government running service available for the ill or paralyzed persons whose age is above 16 years and below 64 years. If the person is not between this age limit then the person must apply to the programs exclusively meant for the infants, or the aged person programs which will better handle the needs. To get this special offer it is mandatory to fulfil few conditions. Firstly the person must had been a resident in Great Britain for at least three years. Secondly, it is also necessary that the person must be present in UK during the time of the application. Thirdly the person must be free of any kind of immigration restrictions. No other physical requirement is required to get this special offer. Regardless of the thy income, work profile, saving details the person is eligible for this payment offer.

PIP helpline numbers to help peoples:

To get this amazing offer one must contact the PIP helpline number and contact the Department of work and pensions and also request for the helpline form which they need to fill up to get this offer. The offer is available for the person who needs assistance with getting around with the daily chores of life. So to claim the Personal independence payment the person can contact PIP helpline number. Even enquiry can also be made by the Northern Ireland new applicants. After claiming the PIP, the DWP will investigate and sends a form to the person need to explain how the disability and the poor health is affecting his daily chores. And the form should be filled up with much care and much accuracy and also details should be provided as much as possible. 

PIP offers with the two categories. One helps with the movability cost and the other helps with the daily expenses. 

  • The daily expenses cost deals with the daily expenses or assistance needed to do the everyday tasks. Works like getting dressed, preparing meals, communications with other peoples, washing if need funds to get executed, the allowances can be used to provide it.
  • Movability or mobility costs means the costs which is needed while moving around. Getting around, planning a trip, or following a route etc. are the conditions which are eligible to get help from.

Due process should be followed in case if you don’t want to get unfairly denied.For that you need to check the details and perform the operation with perfection and if help is required take help from the pip helpline number. 

Social funds a bliss for common peoples:

Social funds are the offers available to the people who are financially broken. If a event is happening and an individual is not being able to pay the amount social fund is something which offer helps over there. It is designed for those individuals who need to receive certain kind of benefits and pensions. This fund can help with the cases like when a new baby is born and the family is unable to pay the required amount. It also includefor the cases like funeral expenses. Natural disasters like flood,earthquake,fire or any kind of emergencies if affects people,social fund is there to help them. Help is also provided to the peoples who are trying to get back to common life, after being in a prison or the care system for several years. For example, in buying the furniture or paying several bills. 

You can also avail loan from here.  In UK the Social fund loans are also known as budgeting loans are an part of Social Security System. Various necessities are also fulfilled by this loan committee and is managed by DWP. Eligibility for the loan is that the person should enjoy the benefits for more than six months like income support,pension credit, Income based job seeker’s allowances and income related employment and support allowances. If for any reason the person is not able to fulfil the required conditions, the persons is not eligible for the social fund. For social fund application form and any other help contact the helpline number of the social fund.

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