Smart Tips to Maximize fuel efficiency of Your Car


Pat Hoggleboom, Negosentro | A vehicle is something, which brings the feeling of possessiveness in everyone. Whether you are someone, who just use it for fun or working purpose, but you love your four-wheeler. And, when it comes to fuel everyone wishes to make use of the fuel as much as they can. Small things like frequent lane changing or regular car service impact the fuel consumption of your vehicle. A study says changing lanes consumes more fuel than the regular drives and car service helps in maintaining the engine, which reduces the excess consumption of fuel. So, here are little hacks to help you save fuel and enjoy the ride for few more miles.

A little trick to remember before we move forward with the hacks, always remembers that you can extract the maximum of the fuel when the air temperature is low. Hence, try to tank up your vehicle in nights or early mornings.

  • Unnecessary Weight: More the weight more the consumption of fuel. So, try to avoid carrying unnecessary weight in the car just because you are lazy to move it around the home. The mechanism is similar to the human body, when there is more weight then you have to put more energy into moving. So, next time when you go to your sports practice remove your kit after reaching the home and keep it lying around in the car.
  • Car Service: Don’t leave your car at the service centre, instead tell them things, which you wanted to be checked such as tyre pressure, spark plugs, as well as air filters. Car service centres carry these activities in general but a little more pressure will make them do it properly. As there is a saying, “Correctly inflate your tyres and you’ll easily deflate your fuel bills.” In case of air filters, remember that the ratio of fuel is to air matters a lot. Hence, it is necessary to keep an eye on this. You will be surprised to know that spark plugs, which are overused, will not burn the air-fuel mixture properly. Hence, it is a wastage of fuel as well as money.
  • Roof Rack, Carrier, etc.: Many of us do not understand the concept of air drag. If the carrier or roof rack is attached at the top for whole round year, even when it is not used then you have to remove it because it helps in increasing the drag thereby leads to more fuel consumption. In current times, all these roof racks are made of new technologies where they can be removed or attached with an ease.
  • Love to accelerate- Do not: A little bit gentleness from your side on the accelerator will offer a lot more gentleness to your wallet in terms of fuel. It is a well-known fact that the accelerator is directly related to the fuel that the engine consumes, which means that the more pressure you put on the accelerator, the more fuel will be consumed without any reason. So, while driving keep the fact in mind and you will be good to go.
  • Balance between accelerate and brakes: Driving is an art and the people who teach this always tell that everyone should find the balance between the brakes and acceleration. Frequently breaking and accelerating burns more fuel then it is necessary, costing you more. It is simple mechanism where the more you brake; it will lead to more pressure on acceleration hence more fuel consumption.

Apart from these, there are a lot of things like turning off the engine at red lights, minimizing the usage of ACs, the pumps from where you get the fuel and what not. Go through this link to get more information.