Why Small Cars Rule the City

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UK, Negosentro.comIf you’re a city driver who wants to keep things simple and minimize your environmental impact, then chances are you’ve considered ditching your clunky old sedan for a small car more than once. Even in the cities, it feels as though cars are bigger than ever, with SUV sales sucking up the market. Just because everyone else is going big, though, it doesn’t mean you have to. Small cars can’t be beaten when it comes to urban roads. If you’re stuck on what your next car should be, then here’s why you should consider downsizing your wheels.

They’re easier to drive

Anyone who’s tried to parallel park in a London side street knows the pain of negotiating tiny inner-city roads. The larger your car, the harder it is to find a space that will fit. With a small car, you can squeeze into those narrow spaces, and if you’ve got a garage, it leaves more space to store your valuables, too!

They’re safer than you think

The common narrative is that a gleaming SUV is like an iron fortress on wheels that will keep your family safe from harm, and crumple lesser cars beneath their weight. However, small cars are now equipped with technology such as electronic stability control and autonomous emergency braking to help avoid those accidents. It’s also worth noting that 65 percent of fatal crashes in the UK are caused by people driving badly – taking corners dangerously, going too fast for the conditions, or exceeding the speed limit. If you want to be safe, the best thing you can do is keep an eye on your own driving.

They’re cheaper

If you look at the price tag, a hatchback will nearly always be cheaper than an SUV, and you can save thousands before you’ve even walked off the yard. As well as up-front savings, a small car will be cheaper to service and repair and much more economical to run, and ongoing fuel costs may even be half the price of a larger SUV over a year or more. Insurance premiums will also be lower for a hatchback than a larger car, due to the initial cost.

They’re more environmentally friendly

Not only do small cars consume fewer fossil fuels, which will help reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources, but they also have much lower greenhouse gas emissions than large cars, particularly SUVs. It’s the most environmentally urgent issue on the planet today, and with transport making up nearly a third of total emissions in developed countries, there is a growing movement towards vehicles with low emissions.

They look great

In general, smaller cars tend to look more funky and on-trend than larger vehicles, and come in a far bigger range of colors for you to personalize. There’s a small-car silhouette for all types, whether you prefer a sleek Japanese model or a spunky European-made hatchback. Check out the MINIs on sale at MINI Edinburgh, which comes as a hatchback or convertible, with almost any color to suit.