Should You Wear Compression Socks When Pregnant?

Should You Wear Compression Socks When Pregnant? | Should You Wear Compression Socks When Pregnant? | When you think about the ailments that go along with being pregnant, the list is pretty long. Women complain of strange food cravings, morning sickness, and many other problems. Somewhere near the top of this list has to be swollen ankles.

Pregnancy impacts your circulation in so many ways. One of the many things that these circulation problems cause is the pooling of fluid and blood in your extremities. The heart is working so hard to get blood throughout your body, while the demand is consistently getting larger. 

Eventually all this strain on your circulatory system leads to fluid collecting in your feet and lower legs, because gravity makes it easier for things to flow downhill than up. While you could lie on your back with your feet in the air, this can make it difficult to do very much. If you already have other children or a job of any kind, it is unlikely that you will be able to spend all day on your back.

If lying on your back all day long  is a less than ideal solution for you, you will need something a bit more practical. Compression socks can be an alternative that still allows you to live a normal life, while helping to deal with the discomfort of swollen legs and feet. 

Compression Socks are Like a Mobile Masseur 

Every person carrying a baby deserves to have their legs massaged all day long, but it is not really a reasonable expectation for most of them. Compression socks massage your legs as you walk, letting you feel like you have that little masseur taking care of your calves with every step. 

The massage effect of compression socks helps you to have the energy to stay on your feet and be productive as long as you would like. The increased oxygenation of your leg muscles also helps you to feel much less fatigue at the end of the day. 

Compression Socks Help with Swelling

Compression socks are most well known as a treatment for edema to help with pooling of blood and fluid in the muscles of your legs and ankles. This is just as helpful for the famous swelling in the ankles that happens during pregnancy. 

Compression socks keep excess fluid from sitting in the feet and lower legs, so you don’t get the same swelling. Considering that many women actually change shoe sizes while pregnant, controlling the swelling is extremely helpful. 

Compression Socks Look Great

When we hear compression socks, most of us think of the old beige medical socks we remember grandparents wearing fifteen or twenty years ago. While those do still exist, modern compression socks have many more options, and look just like any other socks.

Compression socks can now be purchased in pretty much any color you can imagine. They come in much more comfortable and attractive fabrics like merino wool, as opposed to the traditional option of scratchy polyester. This means that you can get socks that will actually match your outfits, and be comfortable enough to wear all day.

In summary, compression socks for pregnancy can be a huge help with ankle swelling and discomfort. It is important to seek out proper styles that are intended for pregnant women, so they have the right amount of compression and support. 

As with any change during pregancy, discuss compression socks with your doctor before you start wearing them, since specific conditions like high or low blood pressure could have negative interactions with them. If your doctor gives the ok, compression socks could make a huge difference in your pregnancy comfort!