Seven things that you should check after getting your car serviced

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It has become a general rule that every car owner has to get their vehicle for complete service once every few months or once every 10,000kms whichever comes first. Most of the owners might think that taking the car for servicing might not be necessary, but these small services can enhance the life of your car and increase their efficiency to a great extent. Even if the car is idle and not in use, the engine oil might lose the lubrication and cause a lot of problems. Never plan to save money on servicing every couple of months as they will help you from the enormous investments in the future. 

Everyone will have a view about life that everything is right and nothing can go wrong until they get betrayed in the hands of someone they blindly trust. This is relatable to the car servicing agencies. It takes time to find out the trust-worthy service station in your locality. If you are not sure of the servicing stations, try searching for Car service in Sydney, and you will be provided with the list of all the agencies around you. However, there are some things which you need to check after getting your car serviced every time to avoid getting duped. 

  • Work order: It is a must in all the service stations to fill in a Work order of all the repairs and faults to be taken care of by the mechanic during the process. This acts as a means of communication between the mechanic and the service advisor. Make sure that you have a list of the same and tally the sheet with the condition of the car. This is done to ensure that all the problems have been attended and the car is in good condition. 
  • Itemized bill: An itemized bill is a must after getting your car serviced. Make sure that the price of the items in the statement is approximately quoted in the slip given to you by the service advisor. Check the bill thoroughly confirm it with the advisor accordingly. 
  • Engine oil/ Transmission oil: The engine acts as the heart of the car. To function it properly, it needs oil changes and filter changes regularly. Transmission oil has the same procedure to be followed. If you have opted for an engine oil or transmission oil replacement, make sure that the colour of the oil is lighter and clean. 
  • Coolant/Brake fluid: It is crucial that the coolant in the engine is replaced once every thousand kilometres. Depending on the recommendation of your manufacturer, your brake fluids might also need replacement after a brief period. It would always be better to stay in observation while making the replacement to avoid getting duped.
  • Personal Belongings, Tool kits: This advice is to be on the safer side. Make sure you take out your personal belongings before giving your car for service. If you can’t take them with you, make sure that the advisor mentions all of them in the job sheet so that they do not get misplaced. Make sure that the spare wheel and other accessories are intact after receiving the car.
  • Odometer reading: It is common to take a test drive of about two to three kilometres to make sure that the car is in proper working condition, and there are no issues. If the engine overhaul has been serviced, you might have to do a longer test drive to check the state of the car. The reading would be showing whether the vehicle was misused behind your back. 
  • Condition of the tire, Rotation of the wheel, and balancing: Take a good look at the tires while taking the delivery. There be a slight chance that the wheels have been swapped to get the required alignment and rotation of the wheels. Be very vigilant while checking the condition of the tires. 

These are some of the things you have to take care of after receiving the car from the service station.

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