Seven Simple Steps to Start Your Freelance Writing Business


Some people write for passion and some as a hobby. But did you know that there are many clients out there who are looking for someone like you that would actually pay for what you write? Stop your hesitation and try these simple steps to start your freelance writing business:

  1. Get some experience.

You need to show a tangible proof that you can really write. Your potential employer would want to know your writing style and what kind of articles you usually write. In freelance writing, your sample clips count aside from your resume. Your website or blog should showcase not only your experience but also your talent in writing. You can try volunteering for a writing subject, or use articles that you have written on your past employment.

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  1. Start a blog and have a website.

If you’re seriously interested in freelance writing either as a full time or part time job, you need to have a website. This is where you could post your articles or your services. If you do not have past experience as a freelance writer, then you have to work on some sample articles to post on your website. Start with a single article and then start adding more clips while to improve your web page.

  1. Determine your niche and choose your craft

Freelance writing involves different areas of expertise to write about. It may be about health, family, travel or fashion. The best way to start is to write articles about things that interests you. Then try to explore other areas to write about even if you’re not an expert on that field. The internet is an indispensable tool that could provide all the information that you need. You don’t have to stick on one craft only. You can have multiple niches if you have multiple interests.

  1. Have a value to offer and create your label.

You need to create a difference between you and the other writers. What are your skills? What is your passion? What can you write effortlessly but with an excellent outcome? This will attract more clients who are interested in your writing ability.

  1. “Spice up” your website

As you go along your freelance writing business, you can start adding paid articles to your website. Give potential clients a glimpse in  what you have done. Add these in  your portfolio. You can also ask your clients even if you only volunteered for the writing job, to put in testimonials if they are satisfied with your work.

  1. Learn more, search more.

Search the internet about writing ideas and improving your website. Learn from e-books and free e-courses. And then as you go on learning, apply what you learn step by step every day. You may fail at few attempts, but how can you succeed if you are afraid to fail?

  1. Start pitching and expand your network to find gigs.

Don’t hesitate. Send out your resume and sample articles. You can start searching for gigs on Facebook. There are a number of freelance groups that you can find there. There is friendly freelance writer’s community that shares gigs and writing jobs with each other. You can start trying your luck. And if you are not hired, try again. Don’t stop trying until you land a job that suits you and pays you nicely.

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