Seven Deadly Habits that Hold You Back from Success


The path to success is not a joyride. It is filled with bumps, holes, and obstacles. And sometimes it is not the company, the management or the co-workers are the problem, but us. Here are some habits to break if we want to speed out way to success:

1. Setting Unrealistic or Unattainable Goals.

In order to climb the ladder of success, there is a tendency to set unreachable goals. Or sometimes, it’s not the goal itself but the time frame you set to attain that goal. If we’re stuck with this habit, then we’ll end up frustrated because we feel that we have achieved nothing despite our desperate efforts.


2. Trying to finish the task alone.

If you’re afraid to delegate tasks to others, you will fail to do more important tasks, and you’ll be losing breath trying to beat the deadline alone. There is a great difference between desperately finishing all the tasks alone and being able to work independently. Always remember when you share ideas and workload with one another you’ll have more chance at success.

3. Saying yes to every assignment.

Being enthusiastic in every challenge and task is a very important attribute of an employee for success. But if you’re still loaded with unfinished projects, you must learn to say no. The habit of saying yes to every task can leave you burned out, tired, and frustrated.

4. Procrastinating.

This is the other extreme of being enthusiastic. Are you planning continuously but hesitates to start at something? Are you continuously delaying to get things done? Then you must break this habit because the more you delay doing your assigned tasks, the lesser your chance to grab your success.

5. Pessimism.

This may be related to procrastination. Some people are hesitating to get things done because they are afraid that they don’t have the skills and ability to finish a certain task. Or they may be enthusiastic at first but gives up easily at the slightest failures. Always remember that it’s ok to fail when you try. Those are just temporary failures paving your way towards success. But you will fail permanently the moment you stopped trying.

6. Being contented and reluctant to change.

We are living in a dynamic world where the only constant thing is change. So if we are contented by our bachelor’s degree and previous knowledge and skills, we will ultimately fail to keep up with those changes, be stuck, and be left behind.

7. Constantly comparing and complaining.

Your work mates’ achievement is different from your own measurement of success. The habit of being jealous when a co-worker gets praised or received an award is a waste of your precious time and energy. Another bad habit connected to this is always complaining when others seemed to be more favored than you are. Break this habit; instead be happy and inspired on what your co-worker has achieved. Learn from them and apply their methods as your own way of being successful.


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