Safety Tips for a Roofing Contractor to Consider in 2019

Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractors have a difficult job, don’t they? When it comes to doing work on a home the roof is arguably the most dangerous place to work. Which is why any roofing contractor will need to have professional training to ensure they can carry out roofing work safely. 

However, even with the best training, a roofing contractor will also need experience working on roofs as well in a professional capacity. Roofers will often work in pairs to better guarantee their safety with a more experienced roofer often paired up with a roofer with less experience. 

Let’s take a closer look at some safety tips that every roofing contractor will need to consider. Even if you are a veteran roofer you could still benefit from taking a look at our safety tips. This way you can better ensure everyone is safe and secure when working on a roof. 

Know When To Stop 

One of the most important factors of being a professional roofer is to know when you need to stop working. If you don’t have enough light to work efficiently even if it’s still early, then you are best stopping and either waiting for the cloud cover to break or coming back at another time. 

You also need to consider the weather carefully trying to do roofing work in the rain or snow, for example, is not advised. Even things like the wind can make roofing work quite difficult so it’s important that you know when to stop work and wait. 

Wear The Right Clothing 

Any professional roofer will need to be dressed appropriately for the task at hand. The most important part of your outfit will be your footwear, a roofer should have safety boots that have a high level of traction. You should also have professional eyewear and a hard hat as a minimum as well.  

Keep The Roof Clean

Any professional roofer should be ready to spend a lot of their time cleaning up. Roofing can be a messy job especially on the larger repair/ replacement projects but you don’t want the mess to build up. Keep the roof clear of debris and rubbish to help ensure it is a safer working environment for everyone involved. 

Ladder Considerations 

A large portion of roofing accidents and injuries will be because of an unsecured ladder. Using a ladder is pretty much guaranteed when it comes to roofing work but you need to know how to use one safely. 

Ensure the ladder is always secure and on a solid even surface and that it extends far enough to allow you to easily get down from the roof as well. Regularly inspect your ladders as well to ensure they are still secure and not damaged in any way.  

Make Sure You Are Covered 

Finally, you should also ensure you are fully insured a professional roofer should have both liability insurance and workman’s compensation. Keep proof of the cover on hand as well to show prospective clients.

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