Safest ways to dispose of your old car

old car | There comes a time when your beloved car reaches past its age. At this point, the maintenance and repairs of an old car demand a major portion of your savings. So, it is wise to let go off the car and buy a new one. But leaving the car in the garage just to age or rather become the point of mice party is not a good option. This should be especially avoided when you can recycle your old car. You can recycle your car by many methods and we will be telling you about the best among them.

Sell your used car

Your old car is no longer of use to you, but it can be useful for someone else. Sell your car to wrecking yard Sydney or any interested buyer. This way your car will not be occupying that extra space in your garage and you can get some extra funds for your new car. Post an advertisement on social media or with some local sources and interact with the suitable buyers to get the best pricing.

Nowadays the internet has made things easier. You just have to post the advertisement about selling your car and you will come across numerous buyers for your vehicle. This means you do not have to pay for the collection service as well. All you need to do is post some photos and information about your car. While sharing the present car details, be accurate. If your car has incurred any damage or has any setbacks share it with the buyers before closing with the deal.

You can also sell the car to the company from which you originally brought the vehicle. This can be done irrespective of the condition of your car. The company recycles as many parts of the car as possible and sells the saleable parts. The leftover car parts are disposed of safely so that they do not harm the environment. The companies also give you an option to exchange the car.

Split and sell

If you are not getting the expected price for your car then selling the car in tits and bits is a considerable option. Some of your car parts have a long life, even longer than your car as a whole. If you sell these parts individually, they will fetch you more money for sure. Dismantle the car parts and inspect the market. Search for interested buyers and get the pricing for each and remember it’s not necessary to sell all the parts to one buyer only. Many companies also accept their car parts so try connecting with them as well.

Selling the scrap metal

Once you have successfully sold the car parts what to do with the rest of the car? Think of scrap metal recycling. This means your car will not be occupying that extra space anywhere and by recycling you are contributing to the environment.

Giving your car for scrap metal recycling should be your last option. Car scrape prices differ from dealer to dealer. It also greatly depends on your car model.

Donate your car

If you think that your car is not junk enough, why not think of a greater good – donation? Many trusts require vehicles to provide various facilities to their members. Donate your car to a charity and get the privilege of helping the people in need. Car donation is the most widely used method of car disposal in communities. If you like the idea of charity but think that your car is not in a working condition, there are other options for you. You can organize an auction to sell your car to wrecking yard Sydney or for scrap metal recycling. 

Be aware of the scams during car donation. Research well about the organization that you plan to send your car to.

Just a tip about giving away your car that probably all will give you is that always tell the price of your car 10% greater than the price you are expecting. This trick is good to follow because negotiations are always there.

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