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If you’re in Round Rock, TX, you may notice that you have your hands full with options from dental surgeons in the area. If you choose the right office, you may have the ability to make the surgeon’s office at hand your family practice, or you may even just be referred to an oral surgeon from your regular general dentist. Either way, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best care possible, and have plenty of options at your disposal when you choose an oral surgery clinic. In this guide, we’ll gladly help you decide how to find the right one for you, and you may very well want to consider the one that we’ll tell you all about at the end of this article!

Oral Surgery or Regular Dentistry?

If you’re looking for an oral surgeon’s office, there are quite a few in the area that you’ll notice only specialize in general dentistry. This can come in handy for some practices, but for the more extreme emergencies and procedures, you don’t have all of the options available, and thus, you’ll be referred to an oral surgeon. However, when you consider all of the things you need to know about a qualified and dedicated oral surgeon’s office that provides both, you get the best of both worlds – dentistry and availability.

What Kind of Applications Should I Be Able to Get from my Oral Surgeon?

Some oral surgeons have expertise in only a few fields. Be sure to ask plenty of questions, and even check out their website (most dentist offices have one) to see what kind of service they offer. You want your dentist to make sure that you know that oral surgery doesn’t have to be a stressful time or leave you full of fear.

Common oral surgeries may consist of emergency tooth extractions, dental implants, preparation for dentures and placement, and more (getting a tooth broken or fractured too close to your gums can require dental surgery). Sometimes, you may need to have your teeth extracted also so allow room and help align your teeth better.

Exceptional Care is Important

Some dentists would rather just do their job, get it over with, and move onto the next person to get money in their pockets. This isn’t always the case though. You want a compassionate team of dentists, oral surgeons, and even their staff so you always feel like your thoughts matter and so you will feel happy and satisfied knowing every detail you wish to know about your procedure. This helps to ensure that you are in good hands.


When it comes to finding the right Round Rock oral surgery, you should definitely look into Old Settlers Dental, as they’re the most popular and probably the most reputable oral surgery clinic. Not only that, but they actually offer general family dental, which means you have the option to have a wide variety of services at your disposal in case of emergencies, or even more, if you just need cosmetic oral surgery. Not many dentist offices are “do it all” clinics, but this one definitely is, and they have years of reputable business to show for it! 

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