Roles & Responsibilities in Mathematical Education

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Negosentro.comRoles & Responsibilities in Mathematical Education | Summer vacations from school are a long-cherished tradition in different parts of the world as it is associated with relaxation, play, and imagination. But most of the kids do not enjoy the time and think of it as a time of boredom because it is the time when schools are closed, and kids are not able to see their friends regularly and attend their classes. 

Mathematics: A Powerful Tool

It is a peak time when children can work on their math skills and use it as a concise and powerful means of solving problems conventionally. Mathematical structures, operations, and language provide the student with the framework there. He can solve different questions and issues with reasoning and justify the conclusions by employing various techniques and expressing his ideas clearly.

Mathematics is a powerful tool of learning; through it, children can identify the relationship between different mathematical concepts and everyday situations, they can also relate it with their daily life.

Ontario mathematics curriculum recognizes the diversity that exists among various students who study mathematics. It identifies that not everyone learns the math skills in the same way by using the same resource within the same. Still, it promotes equity for all the participants and expects that everyone performs well in their respective grades.

Roles and responsibilities in mathematics education

As a Student

As a student, you have many responsibilities when it comes to learning and mastering up your skills in mathematics. Those who are willing to make an effort will be able to find new opportunities with a direct relationship with success and achievements. Some students who find it difficult may face some challenges, but if they work with patience, attention, and encouragement, they can be extremely successful like others as well.

As a Parent

Being a parent, you play a supportive role for your child. Studies show that students whose parents involve them in education perform well. Therefore, as a parent, you should become familiar with the curriculum and extracurricular mathematical activities to find out what is suitable to teach your child according to his grade and age. There are many factors in which you can help you be tired during such as attending a parent-teacher meeting, participating in the workshops in interviews, and being a part of the school council activity.

As a Principal

Principals should involve parents and teachers to ensure that students are provided with the best possible environment to learn math. To support learning, they should employ different techniques and conduct various activities where they can learn solving numerical problems through a conventional approach. Principles are responsible for promoting learning teams and professionally work with teachers to develop these activities. They should also ensure that every student is provided with an individual educational plan with the modifications and accommodations according to his or her abilities.


It does not matter if you are a teacher, parent, student, or a principal, you have some responsibility toward mathematical education. If everyone plays their role efficiently, students today will become leaders tomorrow who will be able to solve problems by reasoning.