Robot Vacuum Buying Guide: How to Choose Right One for You

Settling on the best vacuum cleaner for you and your family is quite a tricky affair. You must ensure that it works great and takes care of your home’s cleaning needs effectively. First of all, you need to think about the size of your home, the tytyp of flooring, already existing appliances within your home and your budget, to name a few. You have to look at your cleaning needs critically and match them with specific features of a vacuum cleaner for you to enjoy using your vacuum for longer. Here are the most important features and factors you must consider when investing in a vacuum cleaner for your living or working space.

-Suction Power.
The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is determined by the power of its motor and the design of its nozzle. A powerful motor will produce a stronger airflow that will easily suck dirt from the floors into the dirt container. Then a well-designed nozzle and air path will ensure the smooth flow of air into the vacuum cleaner. It is important to choose a vacuum cleaner with reliable suction power; enough to suck all the dirt from different surfaces, but not so strong as to damage your carpet fibers or tear up your upholstery.

-Dirt Container Capacity.
The dirt container capacity dictates how much dirt a vacuum can accommodate without emptying it. The larger the dirt capacity, the longer you will be able to vacuum without needing to empty it. In this case, you will be able to clean larger and dirtier spaces with fewer interruptions to empty its dirt container. However, you have to consider the fact that the size of the dirt container also defines its weight, especially as it starts filling up. This means that you have to strike a balance between how much weight you can handle and how long you want to keep vacuuming until you have to empty its contents.

-Filtration System.
Apart from the suction power, a vacuum cleaner’s filtration system also governs its effectiveness and efficiency in vacuuming your floors and other surfaces. It also determined how safe your vacuum cleaner is particularly for users with asthma and other dust-related allergies. A reliable filtration system consists of a combination of air filters that are designed to ensure that any air that flows out of the vacuum cleaner is clean and healthy for breathing. These filters capture any dust particles and allergens that would otherwise make their way into the atmosphere, thus preventing any potential allergic reactions. The best filters to look out for are replaceable HEPA filters, but you can also get a vacuum with carbon filters and washable foam filters.

-Type of Vacuum Cleaner.
Vacuum cleaners are available in different types from which you can choose. The upright vacuum is the classic type that you push around like a lawn mower as you clean the floors. It may come with different attachments for cleaning areas above the floor, but its main stronghold is vacuuming floors. Then there is the canister vacuum, which has its dirt container and its brush head separated by an air hose. Canister vacuums are not as cumbersome as upright vacuums and do not need as many attachments to vacuum areas above the floor. We also have stick vacuums that are compact with smaller dirt containers, and they take the shape of a stick with a brush head at one end. These vacuums can be lifted easily to clean areas above the floors such as ceilings, walls, and drapery. Handheld vacuums are lighter and much smaller as compared to stick vacuums. They have even smaller dirt containers are best used for vacuuming smaller spaces like inside cars and clearing quick messes. Handheld vacuums are designed mainly for areas above the floor.

Then comes the robotic vacuum: the most convenient and reliable vacuum. Robotic vacuums are quite expensive, and they vacuum floors automatically. They come with a wide variety of features that cut out the need for human intervention, thus great for people on the move. With more advanced models coming into the market, you will have to research the different features offered by each carefully before settling for one. For instance, if you are considering a choice between the iRobot Roomba 890 vs. 980, you have to check out the different features offered by each and choose the best depending on your budget.

-Corded versus Cordless.
Choosing between a cordless and corded vacuum depends mainly on your power supply needs. A corded vacuum is perfect for areas where power interruptions are rarely experienced. With this, you will vacuum your house without needing to recharge from time to time as power flow is constant at all times. However, a corded vacuum will tether you to a smaller radius, and the only way to avoid this it by having a vacuum with a very long power cable or having multiple power outlets around your home. A cordless design, on the other hand, makes use of a rechargeable battery and gets rid of all the messy cables that may cause you to trip over them. Such a vacuum will not restrict you to a smaller cleaning radius, thus very convenient.

-Connectivity and Compatibility.
The best vacuum cleaner should allow you to connect to different devices without worrying about compatibility. First, its power plug should be able to fit into your home’s power outlets seamlessly. If the vacuum cleaner is robotic, then it should be compatible with already existing technologies such as WiFi, Google Home, and Alexa Amazon systems. It is even better if the vacuum cleaner can be controlled via a smartphone app, computer program or remote control.

-Cleaning Capabilities.
When it comes to the cleaning capabilities of a vacuum cleaner, you have to make a very wide array of choices. Do you want one with wet or dry cleaning capabilities or both? Do you want one that vacuums bare floors or carpet or both? Are you looking for a regular vacuum or one designed for pet messes? You must also consider the different cleaning accessories and attachments that you will need to clean different surfaces and spaces. Vacuum cleaners that come with multiple cleaning modes are also an incredible choice as they are versatile.

-Operation and Maintenance.
The best vacuum cleaners are easy to operate and maintain. With the advanced technologies coming up every single day, some vacuum cleaners such as the robotic ones allow you to relax as they do the cleaning for you. You can also schedule cleaning for later and choose different cleaning modes for different surfaces and different amounts of dirt. A vacuum cleaner should not be too big and heavy so that moving it around is cumbersome. Its replacement parts should be easily accessible, and its dirt container should be easy to empty or replace.

Where Do You Find the Best Vacuum Cleaners?
Vacuum cleaners are available in a wide variety of brands and models, and you can purchase them from different online and offline stores. The trick lies in balancing your budget and the features you need, and this especially applies to people working on a low to medium budget. However, even if you have an unlimited supply of funds, you should also be careful to choose a vacuum cleaner with excellent features and avoid falling for ones that do not offer the highest standard of cleaning. Conducting prior research before investing in a vacuum cleaner is the best decision you will ever make in any case.

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