Ringly Brings a Fashionable Element to Wearable Technology


by Dani Detrude |

In June, Ringly announced their new connected ring, a fashionable accessory that syncs with your smartphone to send customizable alerts for phone calls, texts, calendar alerts, car arrivals, and more.

Who says that wearable technology has to resemble robotic accessories? You’re likely already familiar with the emergence of smart watches and fitness wearables, but we are now seeing the next iteration of connected devices.

ringlyRingly is bridging the gap between fashion and function with their new connected ring that comes in a variety of gemstones and sizes. The first-ever piece of connected jewelry functions with a smartphone app and leverages push technology to send notifications using vibration and a light-up feature.  This start-up is allowing consumers to be connected to their personal device in a hands-free manner while aligning with their personal style.

Ringly isn’t the only innovator attempting to align wearables to high-fashion trends. We are still awaiting the Tory Burch Fit Bit products that were announced in the Spring. The high-end designer is using the style of her iconic brand to create products that work with Fit Bit, the popular fitness technology company.

These products are validating the model for stylish connected technology as they appeal to a new and wider audience. The opportunity to be connected continues to evolve and I’m personally glad to see a trendy element added to the mix. Cisco predicts that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020, so we look forward to seeing what other technology emerges from now until then. The future of connected devices is no doubt a bright one, and hopefully a fashionable one as well.

Come Fall, these rings will be shipped to those who pre-ordered through the Ringly website. Early adopters of the rings, those with a keen understanding of the new hybrid between style and technology, will help shape the world of fashionable tech accessories. You’ll see me sporting mine when they ship and you can learn more and order online at: https://ringly.com/.

Image Sources: Ringly

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