Rewarding Career Paths to Consider

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Rewarding Career Paths to Consider | Having a rewarding career is a common goal for most people. Some become entrepreneurs while others prefer corporate jobs. While some go on artistic journeys, others embrace scalpel and forceps. It doesn’t matter what your ideal career is, what matters is that it fulfills your needs and brings you more happiness than sorrow.

In order to choose the most rewarding career for you, you will first need to evaluate yourself—no one knows you better than you. Look at what your personality and character say about your interests. Dig into these details by trying out different personality and aptitude tests online, such as the Myers-Gribbs Type Indicator (MBTI). Once that is done, make a list of occupations that seem interesting to you and that match your personality and explore them (e.g., job descriptions, required training, salary, etc.).

You can then narrow down the list to include only your top occupations—the ones that attract you the most based on the gathered information. Next, you should interview people in the field you’re leaning towards to get an insight into what the jobs are really like. It’s an optional step, but it will be helpful in order to create a hypothetical visual of what your future may look like. Lastly, make your career choice and, after researching companies in your field and updating your resumé, start applying for jobs.

To help you begin your search, here are some rewarding careers to look out for.


One of the most rewarding career paths one can take is in the law or justice system. In law, you have the opportunity to fight for what you believe in, be it human rights, liberty, labour law, consumers, the environment, and animal rights. Earning a law degree will open the doors to all of these categories and more. It can allow you to work from any place in the world, from the comfort of your home, or at an office surrounded by amazing peers who will make the workday go by faster.

In the world of law, you can become an attorney, litigator, counselor—or all three like Malliha Wilson. Malliha is best known for being the first visible minority to hold the office of Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Ontario Government in Canada. Being a Tamil-Canadian from Sri Lanka, Malliha took human rights into her own hands and fought for her people. Her career has been filled with rewarding moments. For over 30 years, she served as a Litigation Counsel and handled over 20 notable cases at the Supreme Court of Canada. Today, she continues to fight for human rights as a Senior Counsel for Nava Wilson LLP, the Toronto-based law firm she founded. Nava Wilson LLP specializes in corporate law, real estate, and complex litigation.


Another rewarding career is clinical therapy. Clinical therapy is considered a gratifying career because you are helping people get the help they need for their mental health difficulties. Therapists, along with psychologists and psychiatrists, are constantly looking for ways to aid others in their struggles. They work to provide them with the necessary tools to continuously improve their well-being.

Companies like With Therapy ( offer patients a plethora of therapists to choose from based on their mental health needs. Patients are guided with insights and questionnaires to allow them to choose the best therapist for them through their smart online platform. They can schedule their therapy sessions with ease through the portal as well. This organization also provides therapists with a platform to showcase their services. Once a patient has narrowed down their needs, therapists are assigned patients that match their specialties, and their appointments are handled based on availability. With Therapy is also ideal for people seeking online therapy during the pandemic for life transitions, postpartum depression, family therapy, and even COVID-19-related stressors.

Helping someone identify their negative behaviors and seeing their patients’ progress towards recovery is part of the rewarding experience for therapists all over the world.

CPR/AED Professional

Saving lives can be considered one of the greatest rewards one can ever receive. Just like having a career in therapy, becoming certified in CPR/AED (cardiopulmonary resuscitation/automated external defibrillator) can have just as many rewards. It’s no surprise why so many people have a CPR/AED certification—they’re looking to save lives. Being trained in CPR/AED means you would be a first responder when anyone, adult or infant, goes through a cardiac arrest and are in need of first aid.

Having a CPR/AED certificate opens the door to many gratifying career opportunities like paramedics, CPR instructors, law enforcement, athletic trainers, electricians, and construction workers. According to the American Red Cross Association, only 3% of people in the United States are trained and certified in CPR/AED, which this means we need more certified people. You can sign up to obtain an online CPR/AED certificate through various training websites. A CPR/AED course provider offers affordable classes that are specific to adults, children, or infants, and provisional classes as ongoing training—to keep your knowledge fresh.

That being said, the career of your dreams needs to be rewarding for you to enjoy and feel content with your life. Be it from the comfort of your house or a corporate office, all that matters is that you are happy with it. Happy job hunting!