Retailers See Growing Impact of Mobile on Consumer Behavior


by Ivan Serrano |

Today the world stands connected through almost 10 billion connected devices and over 1.5 billion people subscribed to a social network. Over 1.5 billion of the 10 billion connected devices in the world are represented by smartphones, whose owners can be connected practically anytime and anywhere.

The marketing world has in response to this shifted in a dramatic way. Now that most of the world is connected and online, things like targeted advertising are taking off as never before. The true power tool in this new industry is the smartphone. Smartphone advertising represents the ability to tie in to someone’s everyday life through an app, a website, or even a text, and market a product to them that they are likely to enjoy.

Take a look at the infographic “Mobile Market Domination” for an in depth look at the mobile dominated market that we live in today and its impact on marketing. The advent of the smartphone has had an effect on everything from consumer purchasing decisions, to store competition, and has redefined the concept of truly competitive pricing, as users can now compare prices right from the rack. You’ll learn about ‘going social’ and some great stats on mobile users. Take a look and keep the information in mind when designed a marketing strategy.


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