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The massage therapy field has been changing and growing in recent years. More and more people have realized that massage is not a luxury thing to do but has a wide range of wellness benefits. How often do you get a massage? If you have not been getting massage therapy, you have been missing more than you can imagine.

The benefits of massage therapy extend beyond providing a feeling of relaxation and comfort, so keep reading to understand the reasons why you should get a massage therapy today.

Relieve Stress

You have probably heard this before. After a good massage therapy session, you will feel relaxed and calm. Stress relief is actually one of the primary benefits of bodywork treatment. Contrary to what many believe, stress isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, stress is necessary to prevent accidents, and it also helps perform everyday functions. However, too much stress is detrimental to your health.

Many studies show that a single massage therapy session can significantly reduce stress. How does that happen? Well, massage therapy helps reduce cortisol levels, insulin levels, and heart rate. Adding a massage therapy session to your routine will make you look and feel healthier.

Improve Posture

Today’s generation is known for bad posture. If you work in an office, you are at a high risk of it because you tend to sit for long hours. Only a small number of people make an effort to practice on a regular basis. Most people tend to overlook the benefits of taking measures that can help improve their posture. Some common manifestations of this include pain in the back, neck, and glutes.

Thankfully, you can correct your posture by receiving massages. Frequent massage therapy sessions will help reinforce the natural body movements. It also promotes pain-free posture and relieves muscle soreness.

Strengthen the Immune System

You may wonder how your interior is assisted by something that happens on the exterior. This is not a marketing ploy by spa owners and massage therapists, as many studies back it up.

For example, a study on HIV patients showed that those who experienced a 45-minute massage session at least 5 days a week experienced significant production of cells that help strengthen body defense against diseases. Massages also improve the cytotoxic capacity of the body’s immune system.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Circulation

As earlier mentioned, a massage therapy session offers a wide range of health benefits. Imagine what can be achieved if you get a massage session regularly.

Improved blood circulation is a long-term benefit of massage therapy. The pressure created during massage therapy, despite some of the unusual techniques used, helps blood flow through congested areas of the body.

Soreness and chronic muscle fatigue lead to the release of lactic acid. Massage also helps flush lactic acid from your muscles.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, massages are the right treatment. Blood pressure is a silent killer and is not a medical condition that comes with many symptoms as many people think. Massage therapy is an effective way of lowering blood pressure naturally. Massages help decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Helps Recover From Physical Injuries

You already know how painful and tedious rehabilitating any physical injury can be. Most people find it frustrating to recover from an injury. Massages allow muscles to relax and deliver the much-needed nutrients and oxygen to the body. This helps improve a wide range of motion and flexibility.

If you receive the right massage therapy sessions on a regular basis, an affected area can heal at a faster rate. This explains why many patients suffering from burns and broken bones seek therapeutic massages. 

Massages also improve mobility and reduce stiffness, the two main problems associated with broken bones. Burn patients report less depression, discomfort, and itching after receiving massage therapy.

Helps Athletes Recover and Prepare for Events

Many people not only exercise for physical fitness, but they also do so in preparation for challenging athletic events such as Iron Man competitions and marathons. Getting massage therapy will help you recover from these competitive events. You can incorporate several sessions into your program to take part in a bigger event. Massages will assist in reducing muscle tightness and soreness, keeping joints flexible and mobile.

Get Better Sleep

Nowadays, people spend hours on the internet, and it negatively affects their sleep. Social media plays a big factor in this as well. If you are struggling with sleep, you only need to invest in good massage oils and you are ready to go.

Regular massage sessions will help improve blood circulation, meaning that you are likely to fall asleep more easily at night.  If you discover that you are not sleeping well or have insomnia, book at least one massage session a week. It will do wonders!

Can Help with Anxiety

Massages can be great relievers of anxiety. If you ever had a massage before, you know how great it feels. One study from South Korea showed that even one hand massage therapy session can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure. You will have peace of mind doing your stuff.

Relieve Headache

If you get migraines or chronic headaches, ensure that your doctor knows because it could be something more dangerous. If you know the source of your headaches, you can manage them naturally by getting a massage. However, you need to get a lot of massage sessions if you want to treat headaches.

Reduces the Effects of Chemotherapy and other Treatments

Studies show that if you are undergoing cancer chemotherapy or other intense treatments for any illness, adding a massage therapy session into the mix will help a lot. Massages can also reduce instances of nausea. As such, it is worth a shot when you feel sick.

Boosts your Mood

There are moments that make you feel down, and massages have the ability to reverse this. Indeed, massages are a great mood elevator, so, if you are going through hard times, book a massage session and you will feel better.

Massage therapy does not have to be expensive. You can ask a partner, friend, or even co-worker to do it if it’s a concern, monetarily speaking. However, you can also book a session with a professional to know how it feels and be able to give others massage therapy. 

Now that you know the benefits of massage, do it regularly and live a healthy and happy life.

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