A Quick Guide to Air Conditioning in Your Car

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Cindy Del Rio, Negosentro.com | Driving in the summer heat is not necessarily the most enjoyable thing to do, especially if you do it for work. The good news is how most modern cars come with air conditioning. This will provide you respite from the heat and make your journey in the summer sun more pleasant.

So, how to guarantee your air conditioning works properly? Here is a quick guide air conditioning in the car. With these tips, you can enjoy a properly cooled car, no matter what the heat.

Recharge your air conditioning regularly

The first thing to know is that your air conditioning requires regular recharging. This will ensure your system works properly and you don’t need to replace the whole system if things go wrong.

Recharging means taking out all the existing refrigerant and replacing it with a new one. You can do this at any servicing station. The process involves testing the pressure test to check how much gas the refrigerant has lost. It will also show any other potential problem to ensure you can fix everything at once. The machine can then take out the old refrigerant and remove impurities from the system. It’ll then be replaced with a model.

You could check out Kwik-Fit.com offers for a quick recharging – the company can remove and replace your air conditioning within 45-minutes. The business even offers a Recharge or No Charge policy to help you save money.

When to recharge air conditioning

How often you should do the recharging will depend on your car manufacturer. Most car manufacturers recommend doing it every two years. You should also know the repairs to your air conditioning are not usually covered by your usual car service.

In addition, the amount of use doesn’t really matter when it comes to recharging air conditioning. The gas in the refrigerant will continue to permeate whether or not you use it. However, it’s a good idea to turn on the air conditioning regularly, even during winter to ensure it works efficiently. Turning it on just for a moment will guarantee the system doesn’t suddenly just seize up.

Indeed, you should remember that air conditioning is not just for cooling the car’s indoor temperature. It can even help pump dry, warmer air to your windscreens. This can help clear your view from mist during winter months.

Air conditioning will use fuel

Another important thing to know about air conditioning is how it uses fuel to operate. Therefore, when you have the air conditioning on, you will be using more fuel. Now, this isn’t necessarily a problem, especially if your air conditioning is working properly. This is because the fuel consumption is rather small with efficient air conditioning. However, if you don’t recharge your air conditioning regularly, the system might stop working as efficiently, meaning it’ll use more fuel.

Don’t open windows when air conditioning is one

When you are using air conditioning, you shouldn’t open your windows. This is essentially just wasting the use of air conditioning. For the system to work, you need to keep the windows down and allow the air conditioning to pump colder air into the car. If you open the windows, you’ll keep pumping more and more cold air, but it will all just slip right outside of the window.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t drive with your windows down. Indeed, if you are travelling at low speed, you might find the small breeze from outside a more pleasant feeling than the air conditioning. Just make sure you are using either of these cooling mechanisms not in combination.

Dealing with a smelly air conditioning

Sometimes you might turn on air conditioning only to find out it smells super bad. This is a sign of the evaporator in your air conditioning collecting bacteria and mould. This isn’t a problem in essence, as it generally means your air conditioning is working well. However, the foul smell can be a problem not just in terms of smelling bad, but also blowing bacteria into the cabin.

There’s luckily a simple solution to this: a debug treatment. This will decontaminate the system and get rid of any bacteria and mould build up. The service can be done while you recharge the batter, but you could also just debug the system at a servicing station if needed. Check with your local servicing firm for more details.

If you want to enjoy a smooth and pleasant journey, having a proper air conditioning in your car is a must-have. Just like you need to look after your car as a whole, you also need to make sure to service your air conditioning regularly. So, make sure you consider the above advice when using air conditioning and use the tips to ensure your air conditioning works well – it’ll make driving in the summer heat a lot nicer!