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Can’t cook your own baon? No problem! Food delivery from restaurants aren’t on the rave right now, but it’s baon for delivery right at your doorstep.

Foodie-turned-businessman, Mark Dee started Fit Cuisine, a company that delivers healthy food to customers who can’t cook their own meal every day. “I put up this business because we want Filipinos to eat better and healthier,” Dee added. Every day, people get to be too busy because of work and never have enough time to prep their own meal.  Buying outside the office can go over the budget and might be honestly bad for your health. Fastfood chains have been very helpful for saving time, but in the long run, are you buying your money’s worth?

Fit-Cuisine, Fitness-food, healthy-food, baon-for-delivery, pinoy-baon, baon, healthy food-for-delivery
                       Photo Credit: Fit Cuisine Facebook Page

“It’s important to cater to each ones needs because with a meal plan like this they get great value for money and service because we offer 15 different meals and 5 snacks inspired by international and local cuisines. Customers get to save their precious time instead of cooking and doing meal planning on their own. They also get to invest in their health – health is indeed wealth.”

Fit-Cuisine, Fitness-food, healthy-food, baon-for-delivery, pinoy-baon, baon, healthy-food-for-delivery
                         Photo Credit: Fit Cuisine Facebook Page

Fit cuisine aims to offer customers great value and exceptional service. These are reflected when their clients compliment them and even send them updates of their weight loss program. Fit Cuisine has meal plans that customers could choose from:

  • Plan: 1200cal @ Php1600 (Recommended for:  Females that would like to eat healthy portion controlled meals.)
  • Plan: 1500cal @ Php1800 (Recommended for: For active females that workout regularly & weight loss for Males)
  • Plan: 1800cal @ Php2000 (Recommended for: Weight gain for Females & Pregnant women & weight maintenance for males)
  • Plan: 2000cal @ Php2200 (Recommended for:  Weight gain for males)

Fit Cuisine stays to be positive on the food business to maintain their loyal customers and eventually potential new customers.

“It’s not easy to do a business like this because you have to wear multiple hats. One has to know how the food business works, one has to know how to also do sales and marketing as well as logistical and supply issues.  Having a positive attitude and staying focused will help you a lot through rough times,” Dee added.

His food business started three years ago and continues to flourish with their future plans lined up. Although the owner studied a degree not related to his business, his “foodie soul” didn’t stop him to innovate his business even more. “I will be an internationally certified sports nutrition coach by 2017, and this is because I would like to give free nutritional advice and coaching exclusively for our clients so that they achieve their fitness goals faster! We are creating new menus with our chef who was trained in a Michelin-star restaurant in the US.”

Their packed meals are tastefully done and carefully delivered to clients. They do free deliveries to Makati, Taguig, Pasay, Manila, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Marikina, QC, Caloocan, Rizal, Antipolo, Cainta, Valenzuela, Las Pinas, Alabang, Muntinlupa & Paranaque.

For order your scrumptious meals, contact them through their Facebook page: Fit Cuisine or SMS to 0917 677 6275.


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