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It’s your first day on the job and you’re about to prepare your things. Do you know exactly what to bring? First job or just transferred to another company, don’t forget to bring the essentials. It’s not just your mobile phone.

1. Notepad and pen

In the real world, tasks will not be jotted down on the blackboard, instead, it is verbally told. Lucky for you if your boss follows-up on an e-mail. Have a memo pad ready and a working ballpoint pen. Make sure it’s easy to grab it from your bag or desk when your mentor assigns you a task. Never rely on your memory.

2. Phone charger/power bank

Alright, we know you have your mobile held clasp in your hand, but don’t forget your charger. Better yet, if your career requires travelling and jumping from one place to another, you should have your handy dandy powerbank. You don’t want your battery run out in the middle of a conversation with a client, do you?

3. Feminine products

Let’s put this straight, always have at least one pad of napkin or tampon. You will never know when will your period would come. Don’t make your period ruin your sleek corporate outfit. Be a girl scout and have one in the list of your bag essentials.

4. Water bottle with lemon/cucumber

As a Pinoy career woman, you expect that the weather in this tropical country is really hot, even when it rains. Always hydrate yourself with natural drinking water. Yup, natural, not distilled or mineral. Natural nutrients of water are being taken away in numerous purifying and distillation process. Hint? Water brand that starts with and “S.” Bonus tip: add slices of lemon and cucumber in your water bottle, it is good for detoxifying, plus, because of a little bit of its flavor, you chug some more.

5. Mini umbrella

This item is sometimes the heaviest in your bag sans your laptop or tab. But you don’t want to be drowned under the rain, right? And, as we all know, Philippine heat is unbearable, pick an umbrella that has UV protector. Your skin will thank you later.

6. Business cards-a bunch of it

A great career woman is always ready by bringing business cards as one of the essentials in the working bag. Carry 5-10 cards in your wallet or business card holder, you may never know who you will run into. Every career person should not leave business cards at home.

7. Tissue

Well, we all know the use of tissue. Something that you could use when you go to a public restroom. Or you use that in cleaning up when you sneeze. No hanky? Use tissue in covering your nose, dang, our country’s quite polluted. Oh, and tissue is a best alternative for blotting paper. No more oils!

8. Aspirin/Snacks

There may be two causes of headache, hunger or too much work load. Aspirin and snacks will be your best friend. Stock up on crackers and granola/oatmeal bars. Chocolate is okay but too much of that causes more headache because of caffeine. If you can’t tolerate the pain after having snacks, take an aspirin.

Tip: Some of the items on this list can also be helpful for career men.


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