Pinoy Brand of the Day: Jarful of Goodness

Jarful-of-Goodness, Pinoy-brand-of-the-day, body-scrub, organic, skincare, food-for-the-skin
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Sounds tasty? Nope, it’s not dessert and pastries, but a good ‘ol jar of all-natural body scrub! Read how Melanie, the owner of Jarful of Goodness started her business because of how she cares for her skin.

Jarful of Goodness, Pinoy brand of the day, body scrub, organic, skincare, food for the skin
Photo Credit: BeautyMNL

New discoveries and formulation are being created today especially for skincare products. Korean and Japanese skincare are in rave right now, the problem is, it can be pretty expensive. Melanie Ramos, the proprietress of the brand, switched to all-natural and organic skin care products when she got pregnant in 2010. However, some of these products are too much of a splurge and it wasn’t effective for her sensitive skin. She did not stop there, she decided to create her own all-natural products.

Since 2014, she’s been creating and selling her own all-natural body scrubs and named her brand, “Jarful of Goodness.” She wants her customers to get all the benefits and goodness from all-natural ingredients. “Each item is handcrafted with a dollop of goodness and love. I use all my products and I love each one of them,” Melanie added.

Aside from using her own creation, she saw the opportunity to sell it to her friends. She came up with a website and a Facebook page. Then she started selling at Taste Central, sister company of Deal Grocer, which is now BeautyMNL. The site gives readers an enticing review about her products.

Jarful of Goodness are gentle to the skin, it can be used every day but do not over scrub. Exfoliating is important in taking care of the skin. We need to get rid of the dry skin, all the dirt and dead skin cells. Melanie’s creation need not to be followed up with lotion. Her scrub is oil-based and it is very moisturizing.

Melanie’s handcrafted body scrub is a hit during Christmas and summer seasons. However, her products are continuously sold online, on, Facebook page and through her website. Exfoliating your skin is not like a seasonal step for skincare, it is one of the basics of taking care of it.

Now, how to use the all the goodness from the jar? Here are a few easy steps taken from her website.

  1. Open your jarful of scrub and scoop only what you need using the eco-spoon that comes with it. We recommend three to four spoonful of body scrub for your whole body. Of course, you can use more!
  2. Use a washcloth or your hands when scrubbing. Add water onto your washcloth or hands. Spend LESS THAN A MINUTE per part of your body and do not overscrub! You also don’t need to put “pressure” on your skin when scrubbing – the exfoliants in the scrub are enough to rid of your skin of dead skin cells!
  3. Rinse with soap and water or just plain water.
  4. Towel dry. You will feel that your skin smells yummier, softer and smoother!

Like any other businesses, it hasn’t been easy every time. Outsourcing of raw materials and finding time for production are her challenges. “Right now, registering my home-based business as a micro-business proves to be challenging as well,” she said. However, Melanie advise budding entrepreneurs to listen to their gut, avoid or stop dilly-dallying and just do it. “Identify the market and give what they need. Take care of your costumers and be honest,” she explained.

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