Perfect Mushrooms at the Mandala Park weekend market

perfect-mushrooms, mandala-park

Jessa M. Salvadico | Negosentro |

To start the year good, Mandala Park opens its venue for different merchants to showcase their locally source and produce product; one of which is Perfect Mushrooms.

John Regie Anthony Jaminal of Perfect Mushrooms

John Regie Anthony Jaminal of Perfect Mushrooms wanted to boost the  consumption of mushrooms in the Philippines. What he did was grow,  cultivate and produce locally grown mushroom products. He started  experimenting mushroom during 2012 after watching a video of Marco  Lobregat – the President of Ministry Mushrooms.

marco lobregat
Marco Lobregat – the President of Ministry Mushrooms

Today, mushrooms are the center of scientific studies as there are evidences that it is good for the immune system and contain a number of bioactive compounds that can prevent cancer activity in our body. Perfect Mushrooms started working with Mushrooms Go Pink Ph last 2013 by collaborating with 50 restaurants around Metro Manila by serving dishes with locally grown mushrooms to raise a food awareness for cancer prevention. And those restaurants become their first clients in the business.

This business is also helping farmers to earn extra income by providing soil for the mushroom cultivation and now their growing Paddy Straw mushrooms that will help banana farmers to utilize their agricultural waste.

After several experiments Mr. Jaminal is now producing mushroom dip for siomai, fried oyster mushroom which is perfect for snacks, pickled oyster mushroom for an extraordinary gourmet and side dish and mushroom rolls which are really mouthwatering. Mushrooms for these products are fresh harvest from his own home based mushroom farm.


To encourage more people to grow mushrooms as their livelihood he conducts training and seminars especially for those who wants to begin a business. Hands on training includes PDA Media preparation, Tissue Culturing, Spawn Multiplication, Substrate or Fruiting Bag Making, Inoculation and Incubation, Harvesting and Packing, Marketing and Cooking Workshop.


You can be a mushroom farmer on your home by starting a growing kit. This kit includes 3 fruiting bags and illustrated grow and harvest instructions. In just two weeks you can harvest white oyster mushrooms.