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Calls To Make app on iOS

by Homerun Nievera |

Icon for the Calls To Make app
Icon for the Calls To Make app

Julio “JC” Ibay, was once a small business owner in the Philippines before deciding to augment his family’s income by going to Papua New Guinea to rejoin the workforce. Even though he worked there once before, this time, when his kids are fast growing up, loneliness has creeped-in only much deeper. Trying to fight homesickness, JC toyed with many business ideas so once he goes back to his country, it will be for good. Though not a  really a techie guy, his fondness for his iPhone has led him to see things that his apps couldn’t do. One of them was reminding him to call clients and others, even up to one year in advance. Simple reminders like calling or texting friends for their birthdays for a more personal greeting seemed to be a virtue getting lost in the world of Facebook, so he thought. Two months later, JC came out with the iOS app Calls To Make.

Calls To Make is available for free for iOS
Calls To Make is available for free for iOS

Calls to Make is a simple call reminder app that alerts you to make the calls you have scheduled. It complements your existing To-Do or other reminder apps, by taking this specific requirement from your list and be managed by Calls to Make, which has complete features focused in organizing your call appointments. This new version allows users not only to make the Call, but they can also choose to send Email, SMS, or have Facetime session with their contacts, by a simple tap or two (no more digging into your contact list). When receiving call reminders, you will get alerted by an alert tone, with a screen that gives you the options to make the Call, send Email or SMS, or have a Facetime session. If you are in the middle of something and cannot act on the alert, you have the option to Snooze, SMooze (send SMS + Snooze), Reschedule or Dismiss the reminder, simply with a tap or two. Easy! There’s a unique 3-time schedule per scheduled call item.

The Calls To Make app was featured on GMA-7 News' "Saksi"
The Calls To Make app was featured on GMA-7 News’ “Saksi”

Complete Call item details, e.g. on the alert screen, the Notes for the call item will be displayed, telling you what the call you are going to make is all about. Notes also serves as the default Email and SMS message. Short Note is the short description in your Active item list, and by default will be the Subject of the Email. Easy to manage and move call items from the Active list to the Archives and vice versa. Call items are classified as Business or Personal. Calls to Make is free to download and make use of all its functions; unlimited number of items in the Archive (which you can activate and move to the Active list), and a maximum of 3 Active call items in the Active List. The scheduled call items in the Active List are the call items that will set off the reminder/alert). In-App Purchase will enable users to have unlimited number of call items in the Active List. So I downloaded the CallsTo Make app. Tried to use it for my daily grind. Today, I’m hooked! It’s now easy to manage Call Items between my Active call listings and my Archived items. There are standard scheduling features where you can set One-time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly schedules, but uniquely capable of setting up 3 time schedules for each item. With this, i can be alerted to call someone for example, Daily, at 8:00am, 2:00pm, and at 7:00pm, all in one scheduled item.  Creating the schedule item was so easy!

Julio "JC" Ibay, OFW and FilipinoTechpreneur
Julio “JC” Ibay, OFW and FilipinoTechpreneur

Simple. That’s the best thing to describe the Calls To Make app. More than a to-do app, the Calls To Make app has complete features I need to make those important calls. There you have it. JC’s work is definitely a valuable everyday biz tool. Can’t leave home without it!

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