Online store software for subscription or dedicated solution?

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Wondering what is the best solution to set up an online store? You probably already realized that there are many solutions in the e-commerce market. A frequent dilemma of entrepreneurs is whether to open the online store for a subscription or choose a dedicated solution. What would be the most optimal option for you? This article will help you to decide.

E-commerce online store for a subscription – advantages and disadvantages

Setting up an online store minimizes the costs of entering the e-commerce market as the entrepreneur pays only a low subscription price and buys a domain. In the subscription package, the user obtains full access to sales tools with graphics and possibility to integrate with various systems. You can also adjust the payments to the individual needs, i.e. to pay for a certain time period of the software operation-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or to pay annually. A big advantage of the Software as a Service is a short time of store configuration. The whole process can close even in two weeks. In addition, most e-commerce software systems are designed for users to be simple and user-friendly. When technical problems occur you can have help from the qualified consultants.

Having your online store in a subscription model will give you the possibility to maintain your website by lower costs. Hence, you do not need to hire a programmer or to worry about website hosting – a team of experts are managing the security and development of the software.

What are the disadvantages of an online store subscription? The software works in a certain framework, that means that the e-store has a limited ability to adapt to individual needs. This automatically turns into the need for the entrepreneur to pay additional fees for the creation of specialized modules.

The online store for subscription is mainly recommended to medium and small enterprises that do not have a specialized product base. One of the trusted, e-commerce platform is You can test this eCommerce software for 14 days free of charge.

Dedicated ecommerce solutions – advantages and disadvantages

Opening an online store based on a dedicated solution allows, to adapt it to individual expectations. Creating complex modules or creating an extended database management system. This solution will allow programmers to work on the various configuration. In addition, programmers can write specialized functions that will be used only in one particular online store. For customers, the advantage of a dedicated solution is that the one who pays is the owner of the website. Some entrepreneurs prefer to pay a one-time fee for an online store than to pay regularly in a subscription model.

However, this one-time payment is definitely higher. Prices for writing a dedicated solution start from €10,000. In addition, extra fees occur for hosting, security, website development, plus you have to hire a programmer. As you can see the costs are quite big and not all can afford for this, especially when you start your online business. Another disadvantage of an online store based on a dedicated solution is a long implementation period. The whole process does not only include the creation of your store but also time to test it properly.

Analyzing the pros and cons of a dedicated online store software, it can be seen that it is mainly intended for large companies with a specialized product base. In addition, such enterprises should have adequate capital to start.

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