Offboarding Gone Wrong? Download the eBook to Avoid an #EpicFail


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Sharing this piece from my email today for HR practitioners. Read on and see how it benefits you…

If you’ve ever been faced with the pressure of firing and offboarding an employee, you know it’s not a simple task. Emotions can get heated. Common sense can fail you. But it’s your job—and it’s in your best interests—to keep your cool.

Download the new eBook in our Epic Fail series, “Firing & Offboarding Gone Wrong,” and learn what mistakes you might have been making and how to avoid them in the future. Have you ever been guilty of:

  • Firing in public to avoid a scene?
  • Not explaining why you have to let someone go?
  • Turning to social media for relief afterwards?
  • Letting the door hit someone on their way out?

Take a look at our eBook, and learn why these common errors might actually keep you from finding or retaining the talent you need down the road.


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