The Next Top Fintech Jobs in 2018

fintech-jobs-2018 High-Paying Jobs

Jemelyn Arinto, Negosentro |  Fintech is currently one of the fastest-growing industries on the market. It is banking growth at a rate as high as healthcare thanks to recent developments and a worldwide trend for better financial solutions. The recent cryptocurrency boom fueled this rapid growth beyond 2017.

As the industry grows, demand for professionals and experts in different fields grows alongside it. Fintech companies are trying to fill gaps in their teams as they venture into new markets and work on delivering new financial solutions to the market. Here are the next top fintech roles to watch out for in 2018.

Product Management

A product manager can make or break a company, especially in a product-heavy industry like financial technology. It is important to deliver useful solutions to customers’ problems and to deliver that solution in a timely and cost-effective manner. This is where having a capable product manager comes in handy.

A product manager is also in charge of maintaining the product through its lifecycle. In a fast-paced energy, making fine improvements to the product is just as important as delivering the product in the first place.

Keep in mind that filling the role of product manager is not going to be easy. You need the right set of skills and the drive to stay ahead of the market to succeed. You need good attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple teams – from product development to marketing – to keep everything in sync.

User Experience Specialist

In an industry as competitive as fintech, it is also crucial to deliver positive user experience at all times. The most successful financial apps and solutions are those who constantly please their users with an attractive user interface, smooth flow, and incredible ease of use at every turn. Companies now turn to user experience specialists to achieve those goals.

According to, a user experienced developer can earn up to twice as much as an app developer; that’s how important UX design is right now. Similar to pursuing a role in product management, a UX specialist needs to have the right skills to perform well in this field.

The ability to do UX research and understand its results is a must. Good empathy is also a huge plus; UX specialists are required to understand the consumers (the users) and their way of thinking in order to design a positive user experience from start to finish.

Technical Lead

At the end of the day, someone has to be in charge of actually turning product ideas into apps, solutions, and products that the customers can use. That role falls in the lap of technical leads across the industry.

As the name suggests, a technical lead will be responsible for leading the development and deployment teams. To fill this role perfectly, you need to be someone who loves solving problems, appreciates engineering in general, and knows how to turn concepts into lines of codes, albeit with the help of coders and programmers.

All of these fintech jobs are noted as being the most rewarding. They are also jobs that are open to those who want to be in this exciting industry. Master the necessary skills to fill these roles and start your journey into the world of financial technology.