New Technology for Home and Business Security Systems

Updating Your Residential or Commercial Security

by Julianne Mercer |

Last year, England and Wales experienced over 35,000 burglaries per month. In order to protect your property from this danger, it is essential that you have a modern-day security system installed. The good news is there have been plenty of developments in this field with a number of high tech devices now on the market. The following products will keep your home and business safe no matter the time of day.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

If you have a lot of vehicles entering and exiting your premises, it can be handy to track them and see whether anyone unauthorised has parked or stopped there. To do this, install some automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) software in your CCTV camera systems. These use optical character recognition to read the number plates of those passing through or parking in your home, office or factory. This can be used to monitor parking times or track down anyone who drives off after committing a crime.

Infrared Perimeter Beams

While most security systems focus on the entry points to the building itself, a better idea is to look at the edge of the property as well. Perimeter beams are a new technology which has emerged recently. They use infrared light to create an invisible barrier in the following locations:

  • Along fences or walls
  • On rooftops or floors
  • Attached to posts

These beams will alert your monitoring agency of an intrusion and sound the alarm if someone or something passes through them while they are activated.

Biometric Access Systems

It’s also important to only permit access to authorised personnel in your office or factory. Unfortunately, passcodes can be forgotten and access cards can be lost. A better, more modern method of allowing access is through biometrics. This can include:

  • Finger or thumb prints
  • Retinal scanners
  • Hand and palm scanners

You can even combine these access control panels with other technology. For example, they work well with commercial CCTV systems from Brunel Security to detect who is trying to enter the premises while they are scanning their retinas, fingerprints, etc.

Ultrasonic Intruder Detectors 

Lastly, you’ll want something able to alert you of unauthorised access to the building itself. The latest development in this area is the ultrasonic detector which uses high frequency audio signals that cannot be heard by a human being. By emitting these throughout the interiors, the detector can sense if someone is in the restricted zone by measuring the sound reflected off their body. They can sense if these objects are moving and can therefore distinguish between furniture and a human being very easily.

With these high tech additions to your home or business security systems, you will be well equipped to detect and deter a wide range of property risks around the clock. With the right combination of intruder detectors, perimeter security, access control and CCTV technology, your premises will be kept safe in both the night and day. The latest advancements will help you avoid becoming a future UK crime statistic in 2015.