Nest and London’s Level39 join forces to support startup


Nest, the leading Hong Kong investment and startup incubation firm, has signed an agreement with London based technology space Level39, a Canary Wharf Group plc initiative.

The new partnership between Nest and Level39 will provide valuable support for technology startups in Hong Kong and London, from sharing office space to advising on how individual startups can scale into Europe and China. By creating a seamless connection between these two business and fintech hubs, it is hoped that this friendship agreement will act as a catalyst for new opportunities in both cities and beyond.

Eric Van der Kleij, Head of Level39 at Canary Wharf who attended the Chancellor’s trade trip to China last year, said: “Opening a ‘tech trade route’ is advantageous to both the UK and Hong Kong.

“Our partnership with Nest will reduce the number of barriers to entry for innovators to global markets, and will make the Nest and Level39 expert teams available to each other’s startups.”

Simon Squibb, CEO of Nest added: “We see startups from Europe wanting to get into Asia and we see startups in Asia wanting to get into Europe, so this partnership allows us to leverage the resources of both organisations to help founders in our respective markets and ensure their ideas reach their full potential.

This partnership between Nest and Level39 is beneficial for Hong Kong and London, and startups globally.



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