Need Creative Juice? Here are the Concoctions

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Mary Rae Floresca |

Thinking out of the box is what we’ve learned from the four corners of the classroom. But this means we need a lot of creative juice. The problem is how do we get those “creative juice?” Here are the mixes.

1. Don’t force it

When you’re about to start a project but you’ve been sitting in front of it for more than an hour already, don’t force it. If you really can’t think of a creative idea, relax, don’t panic because it does happen. Now, if you have a deadline to meet, take a break or ask friends, mentors or anyone. Leave your desk, take a swig of wine, perhaps then when you’re back, your mind is set to mix up the creative juice.

2. Change your routine

In order to think creatively, you need to stimulate your mind. One of the best ways to do that is to change things up. How? Go to a museum, historical sites, or spend time at a coffee shop. Watch and observe people. Talk to clients or people you meet. Social media has been quite helpful. Chat people you don’t usually talk to, they may have the craziest idea but helpful. An introvert? Opt for bookstores, find sources and browse a few books, mix up an idea.

3. Create an inspiration journal

Relying on the idea or thought bubble on top of your head isn’t enough. You can forget an idea that you thought of minutes or hours ago. When you keep a journal, you can log ideas and processing information will be more sufficient. When you’re getting ready to brainstorm new ideas, pull out your inspiration file. You can always go back to older pages, which can also spark new ideas.

4. Get some Zzz

A Harvard researcher found out that sleeping boosts creativity by 33%. It may not be 100% but it is better than coming up with nothing. There’s nothing wrong with burning the midnight oil once in a while, but don’t neglect regular, quality sleep. Remember, you mind needs recharging to mix new creative juices.

5. Take a Sabbatical

What’s the use of vacation leave? When you travel, you will think or find more ideas out there instead of the four corners of your office. A New York -based designer Stefan Sagmeister closes his design studio every seven years for an entire year of creative rejuvenation. When in his sabbatical leave, he still works and continues to use the creative juices to whip up successful projects. So what are you waiting for? File that leave!

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