Moving From Office to Home Office


Negosentro | Moving From Office to Home Office | The majority of working people today have a standard procedure and schedule which they follow. From getting up from bed, going to work and coming back, everything is set and timed. But, have you ever thought that it does not need to be that way? That you can get up at nine in the morning, instead of at six, work and still manage to make enough money for living, and yet to be free? Consider moving your office into your living room, it helped me.


First of all, I had great co-workers, no argue about that. But in time, all the stories during coffee breaks simply went dull. I didn’t felt that invigoration as I was at the beginning of my career, everything was boring and uninteresting. My former company was not the “Google-fancy-offices” type, but rather an old and traditional one.

Each of us had our own box, and we worked from there. I decided to set my spirit and imagination free when and how I like. Due to the fact that my proposal about working from home fell on deaf ears, I quit. Fortunately, I have started putting some money aside earlier, so it came handy at the moment.


I had several options when it came to setting up within the apartment. Putting my working table near the window was far best solution, for a park across the street is just a glance away. I have missed something else but the empty, white wall so much, that I spent few hours just sitting and enjoying the view. Be careful though, this is a relaxing method, do not waste your time on this. Next important thing was to separate my working space from the rest of the room. My favorite bookshelf was convenient for this purpose, for because of its width on one side I put my collection of DVDs, and on the other, “in office”, important books and papers found it’s place.

With what?

My old, worn out computer was still working, but to be honest, it was very outdated. Instead, I decided to buy a new one. Purchasing gaming laptop was the real deal. I still could work, it has fantastic performances, and when I am not working, I can take it to the living room, and to relax a bit by playing my favorite video game. One rule also was set, and that was “No playing video games during work hours”. Time goes by really fast, and I do not wish to waste it. Since all of my work is stored on the hard drive or cloud service, it was the biggest and the only investment so far that I had. In the future, I am planning to broaden my gadget pool a bit.


Was it worth?

In one word, YES! I got my freedom back, and now I can dedicate my spare time to other things, which were long forgotten. Instead of a coffee break, now I can take a shower, play the guitar again, or simply lay down and take an energy-boosting nap. I am choosing how will I dress for work, and in spite of my freedom, I am not forgetting that this is still work. Do not forget that. You are still working, no matter that you are at home.

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