How Mobile App Works As a Ticket Booking Agent In Travel Industry

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Ashni Sharma, Negosentro | Mobile apps serve incredible benefits to any travel agency that aspires to flourish its business & stretch out their customer base. Online tourism brings numerous alternatives for facilitating your enthusiastic travelers who reportedly plan their journeys and book their tickets in advance.

“Physical ticket booking has become outdated with the impact of digitalization”. A recent survey by eMarketer reported that ticket booking apps are among the most downloaded category as the majority of travel planners are preferring mobile apps to schedule their tours for leisure & convenience. Mobile apps have been revolutionizing tourism industry from past few decades as many travel companies take their advantages to facilitate their customers.

How a mobile app works exceptionally for active travelers?

Either your vacation is pre-planned or not, you will prefer convenience & fun under the wraps of limited budget. People who repeatedly travel to the global destinations must use a user-friendly mobile app to plan their tours and manage their ticket bookings.

Being a traveler, you need to consider your checklist so that you can pack your bags & step out to reach your dream destination. A mobile app works efficiently to schedule your bookings & help you to enjoy the hassle-free journey irrespective of the type of transport used. Here are few important features of a ticket booking app that simplifies the process of ticket booking:

Select the desired mode of transport– A ticket booking app helps passengers to book their tickets for flight, train, buses, cars, ship, & other mode of transport. More than 30% travelers use mobile apps to book flights & hotels for a pre-planned trip.

GPS for easy navigation- You can easily search the location of your destination on a customized map. They can also locate nearby restaurants, hotels, & major attractions of a place.

Track the ticket booking status- Many times, passengers change their minds at the last moment and they ask for cancellation to re-book their tickets for another destination. A ticket booking app also facilitates customers to track the reservation or cancellation status.

Fast & Secure Payment Modes- Travelers can make payments in a secure way via credit/ debit cards and e-wallets like Paypal. Once you make payment successfully, you will receive confirmation notification along with detailed bill of charges.

Travel ticket booking app development is advantageous not only for customers but for travel agencies who are aspiring to shine in a wide sphere of travel industry. Believe it or not, around 85% users access ticket booking apps to plan their leisure vacations & make bookings instantly. Travel-based apps generate huge revenue for this industry and this category ranks at 7th position among the topmost downloaded mobile apps. With a travel & ticket booking app, you will receive guidance from travel experts along with various advantages as described below:

Travel Plans & Destinations- You can check out the most appropriate travel plan on a ticket booking app as per your budget. Once you are done with the location, you can book hotel rooms and tickets for reservation according to the selected travel package.

Start Planning- Many tour & travel service providers avail ticket booking app development services to facilitate customers & plan luxurious trips for them. Travelers feel convenient with an online ticket booking system that enables them to book their tickets without any hassle.

You can use travel app to start your preparation for the upcoming vacation either you are traveling alone or with your family & friends.

Enjoy Additional Perks- Customers can view the entire outlook of the preferred destination before booking the tickets. Many travel apps deliver live weather reports to alert the passengers along with the information regarding the key attractions of a tourist place.

Many travel packages include certain addons & activities like running, bicycling, scuba diving, fancy dinner, snow sports, & more that are planned to turn your vacations into a mesmerizing event.

Share Your Experience- Throughout the journey, you can share pictures, enthralling videos, or travel blogs with your friends via social networking platforms. You can also send your feedback on a travel app and rate their services as per your travel experience.

Summing Up!

The demand of ticket booking app development service providers in on rise as many travel companies are aspiring to introduce high performing mobile app for passionate travelers. On the other hand, travel publishers & tourism boards favor mobile apps for users’ interest & their benefit. So, you must hire iOS & Android app development agency to get a fully-functional travel app for those who want to explore the whole world.


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