Mind Exercises You Should Know

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Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com

Now that summer is officially over in the tropical countries, you may now shift your intense physical workout to mental exercises. While you’re staying fit after the “beach body” routines, you might want to rethink how to make your brain “fit” to work.

Recent researches and articles have been popping out these days that exercise is one thing most successful people do everyday. This is not only done at the gym but it can be simply what they do in their daily career life. Brain exercise is an example to be successful. Here are just a few tweaks to do every day, you won’t even notice, you’re doing a brain exercise.

1. Listen to music.

Either you become a music enthusiast or a budding musician, music plays a role to your brain exercise. David Eagleman, PhD, neuroscientist and assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas added, “The brain works through associations [which is why it’s easier to memorize lyrics to a song than it is to try and remember the same words without music], so the more senses you involve the better.”

2. Answer word puzzles

Drinking your usual cup of coffee? Pick up the newspaper and play the word puzzles. Or you may download a game on your android phone like 4 Pics 1 Word. While you are playing, you learn something new and it exercises your mind, you’re being trained to be creative and logical at the same time. These mind games teach you to strategize, but the brain is particularly stimulated by multi-tasking. Why not bring out the classic chessboard?

3. Utilize your sense of smell

Your Olfactory nerves needs a bit of stimulation of scents that your brain can interpret. If you are used to wake up with the smell of coffee, try new scents, you’ll alert new neural pathways. How? Light up an incense, try vanilla or lavender, it relaxes and calms your nerves, it kind of makes you want to rest and clear your mind. Too much mind exercise will tire you and cause you headache.

4. Eat uncommon food

Challenge your tastebuds! It doesn’t have to exotic, like a frog’s leg or what, try tasting food that you don’t usually eat on a regular day. Or if you are at a fancy place especially cocktail events, try whatever the waiters are offering. It nice to try something new that you just don’t buy from a fastfood chain. When you eat, challenge yourself to know the spices and herbs used, even the ingredients. Remember the anime TV show in the early 2000s, Cooking Masterboy? Or rather, maybe you can be a simple foodie with the judgement of the world renown chef, Gordon Ramsey. Isn’t that exciting?

5. Optimism

Positive Thinking may be a cliché but this is a must for successful stronger mental ability. It’s like the willpower to do things radically. But this is a good habit to push yourself in reaching your goals. Replace the negativity with positive thoughts, think about what you can do now what you can’t, like telling yourself, “I’m going to wake up early tomorrow”, instead of “I’m going to be late again tomorrow because…” Make a choice.

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