Midyear Smart Money Advises for Every “Juan”

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Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com

We’re halfway through the year of 2016, and before you know it, it’s already Christmas time. Recount your savings and add more by doing these money-saving advises straight from Pinoy celebs.

1. Recap on the value of money

Lead anchor of On the Money on ANC Edric Mendoza shared in Smartparenting website how he is raising money-smart kids. Teach yourself again or probably your co-housemates on how to save money by doing simple steps at home. Mendoza shared, “One of the first things we teach the kids is obedience, and then we teach other related values: respect and stewardship. Stewardship means when you wake up [in the morning], turn off the air-con or the fan. When you leave the room, turn off the lights so we won’t waste [energy]. When it’s time to handle money, they can apply the same principles.”

2. Live within your means

Lea Salonga, shared on the same magazine, her simple secrets to managing money. Living within your means should always be on your list when it comes to saving. “I’m not somebody who tends to spend a whole lot unless I know that what I’m spending on are necessities. As far as budget management is concerned, my husband and I set aside a budget for household expenses, bills for utilities, food and other basic necessities.” Salonga shared. Don’t but too much when you know you can’t afford it. This saying spreads on social media, “Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

3. Expense-tracking

This tends to be rigorous but it is really important in managing your money. Actress Jodi Sta. Maria shared on Good Housekeeping magazine 2013 issue, “It’s important na you jot down all your expenses versus how much you earn. Kailangan unahin mo muna yung mga kailangang bayaran… ‘yung mga hindi mo na pwedeng tanggalin. Gas, food, yung mga bagay na ‘yun, basic needs (You have to prioritize the things you have to pay for… the essentials. Gas, food, those things, basic needs.).”

4. Open a savings account

Aside from opening a bank account, manage it wisely. Once you deposited at the bank already, move on and don’t withdraw it. Sta. Maria emphasized, “Open a separate account for savings lang,” Jodi advises. “And pag linagay mo na ‘dun ‘yung money…Isipin mo na natapon mo na ‘yung money na ‘yun. Kasi pag lagi mong iniisip na may money ka, mas meron kang urge na mag-splurge or mag-spend (Open a separate account only for your savings. And once you put money there… forget all about it. If you always think that you have money to spare, you’ll have a stronger urge to splurge or to spend.).”

5. Invest wisely

This is a must for everyone, start investing when you’re young and you know that your payroll is consistent. This is another tip from Lea Salonga, invest in the future. “Life insurance, in general, is a great product to endorse. It’s really about the thought of planning for the rest of your life. It’s to make sure that you and your loved ones are provided for.”

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