Microblading Treatment – Semi Permanent Microblading Eyebrows


Microblading is a cosmetic service that is greatly increasing in popularity and has become one of those “must have” items for anyone wishing to perfectly frame the face. Celebrities everywhere swear by this ultimate “brow secret”, calling it the best idea since sliced bread –– and like sliced bread, it probably isn’t going to fade away anytime soon.

While many people assume this beauty treatment is a new thing, it has actually been in existence for hundreds of years. As a matter of fact, you have probably been impressed by a perfect set of micro bladed eyebrows and never noticed their deception since they appear so stunningly authentic.

Acemicroblading.com give us there top reasons microblading is insanely popular and why you should consider adding this to your regular treatments.

1. Microblading is now a household name

Although it has been around for a while, microblading has not seen such a massive rise in fame until just recently. Once a best-kept secret privy only to the truly well-informed beauty treatment adherents, it is now a hugely popular treatment that is investigated many times a month on Google and is requested by name in beauty salons everywhere in the world.

2. The results speak for themselves

This would not be such a popular beauty treatment if it weren’t so amazingly realistic. Colors can be selected for perfect suitability and each hair like stroke forms part of a perfectly shaped eyebrow. It is a perfect low maintenance eyebrow procedure that achieves excellent results and clients love this. Perhaps the most rewarding thing for most permanent makeup specialists is the look of satisfaction and delight on their client’s faces after their treatment — that moment of sheer amazement is priceless.

3. It’s the most natural looking brow yet

The first and foremost reason that microblading sees no signs of decline is the perfect natural look it provides. Microblading does not follow trends because the perfect look shape color and treatment must be designed perfectly for the individual, their skin and hair tones and even bone structure. The treatment must be entirely bespoke and this is something that never goes out of style.

4. So many people can benefit from a microblading treatment

The solutions provided by microblading are exceptional and versatile. These are good options for the mature woman with sparse eyebrows and those that over plucked their eyebrows as well. It is a terrific treatment for everyone.

5. There’s more recognition for permanent makeup for medical conditions

There are times that microblading will be about so much more than meticulous beauty choices. Permanent makeup is now recognized as a suitable restoration for those who have lost their hair due to certain conditions or treatments, alopecia and chemotherapy are some examples. Nothing is more satisfying than restoring someone’s self-confidence with a new set of eyebrows –– just ask any of our experienced specialists.

6. Brows are big business

Brows are far more important than many people imagine and make up around 80% of the treatments requested by clients. Because the frame the face and accentuate the expressions, it is no wonder that getting them just right is such a difficult task. But, with microblading all that time spent perfecting brows in the morning can be done away and you still look great all day long and night time too.

7. It’s a low-maintenance treatment

While it is considered a permanent cosmetic treatment, because the micro-particles will always remain in the skin, it is also called a low-maintenance treatment. Low-maintenance means that at some point it will need to be recolored and touched up before it begins to fade away.

Microblading is a hugely popular treatment that will only get more popular in time. It is also an incredibly profitable service to add to your list of beauty treatments as it will always bring back repeat customers in the future.

If you are interested in getting training in microblading follow the link here, to learn more about obtaining your Level 4 qualifications to preserve the longevity of your career.

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