Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Michelle Perez Patel, a customer experience expert and speaker, is the Founder of SatisFIND®, a customer experience company established in the Philippines in 2005, offering research and mystery shopping services in the Philippines, India and Singapore.

  • 5 reasons why everybody should help to bridge the generation gap at work

    generation-gap, millennial-expectations
    By Michelle Perez Patel | | The office is one place where millennials and Gen Xers come together. But differences in perspectives can make the workplace a battleground, filled with frustration and confusion. How do millennials and Gen Xers see themselves and each other? Let’s first define who the millennials are. Anyone born between 1980 […]
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  • Top 10 ways to satisfy the millennial customer

    By Michelle Perez Patel | | When I started my customer-experience research and consulting company exactly 10 years ago, the millennials were still young children who were only starting to discover the Internet. It took them some more years before they were able to open their own Facebook accounts, but they were already brought up […]
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