Why metal roofing is a good option for your home

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by Jamil Santos, Negosentro.com | Why metal roofing is a good option for your home |

Among the different types of materials that are available for roofing, Metal Roofing is very popular among many house owners when compared to the traditional type of roofing or the shingles made of asphalt.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of Metal roofing, let us have a look at some of them….

Expected life: 

According to Atlanta roofers, a metal roof that is installed efficiently should easily have the same life as the life of the house. The metal roof should be able to survive rapid winds, heavy snow, and protect the house against heavy rainfall as well.

Also, metal is highly resistant to fire, insects, rot, and mildew. Even though warranties offered by the metal roofing material manufacturers vary from company to company, the number of years offered as a warranty ranges from 20 to 50 years.

A paint-finished roof usually comes with a warranty for 30 years.


When compared to a tiled roof, which weighs approximately 750 lbs per square, and concrete tiles, which weighs approximately 900 per square, metal roofs are relatively far lighter. Most of them weight in the range of just 50 to 150 lbs per square.

Installation Convenience:

An experienced contractor can install the components of a metal roof very easily. Because the metal roof weighs very less, the house owner can save a lot on the need to reinforce the building structure for support and on engineering as well.

Fire resistance:

Since metal roofing ensures that roof becomes totally non-combustible, metal roofs are provided with a Class A rating for fire. This means that metal roofing is the most resistant to fire. Some part of the classification of the root is influenced by the materials that are used beneath the roof surface as false ceiling, that could burn if the heat is intense. The metal roofing on top of material that is combustible is given a lower rating like Class C.

Heat conduction:

Since metal reflects heat that is generated by the sun and minimize the heat gain during midday, it helps in saving a lot of energy that is required for air conditioning throughout the day.

Shedding of Snow and Rain:

Metal roofing can withstand any kind of snow and rain because of the material and designs that are now available in the market. Usually, these roofing systems are designed in such a way that they can be interlocked and the surfaces are slippery and hard.

Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

In spite of the many advantages of the metal roofing, the users should understand that there are many disadvantages associated with this roofing types as well. Some of these disadvantages are-


The high initial cost is the biggest disadvantage for this type of roofing. The cost of metal roofing materials per square area is equivalent to the other premium materials. If the house owner uses the metal roofing in his own house or own investment, he stands to gain in the long run. If the customer intends to move out of the house in the future, the return is much lower.


Some people enjoy the noise of rain on the metal roof, but for some the same noise is an inconvenience. During a hailstorm or rainstorm, staying under a metal roof can be challenge for people who are very sensitive to small noises. The noise created by metal roofs is much greater than when rain falls on a tile or a thick slate.


A metal roofing material can show dents due to heavy rainfall, snow, or heavy hailstones. Metals like copper and aluminium are usually soft when compared to tile or shingles and tend to develop dents during extreme conditions of weather. You can go Here For more metal roofing Information.

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