Medical Spas – What Are They and Who Are They Meant For?

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While most people are familiar with spas and their offerings, medical spas may be something new to you. These types of spas are popping up across the country on a fairly consistent basis, so it’s only natural you may be feeling a bit curious as to what they offer and who they are meant for. So, rather than shy away from them, simply because you feel unsure, here’s an inside look at medical spas.

What is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa is a combination of two different types of services. It features your typical day spa services while at the same time acting as a medical clinic. These medical spas will have a Medical Director on staff who is typically a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or a doctor. The medical services being offered are all skin related.

Typical “medical” treatments you may find at these types of spas include laser services, skin tightening, chemical peels, cosmetic fillers, Botox and more.  These spas use machinery and technology that is prescription strength/grade to perform the various skin treatments, as well as massages and facials.

Who are They Meant For?

Because medical spas feature a number of services, many of which use cutting-edge technology, they manage to appeal to a huge range of people. Both men and women can use their services, and you’ll find people of all ages frequent these spas.

Technologies, specifically the cosmetic lasers, are helping to address many different skin issues. Also, these cosmetic laser machines are more readily available than ever before, allowing medical clinics to purchase or even rent them at very high rates. Additionally, for spas that may not have offered medical services and procedures before because of high costs, suddenly one machine can completely change how they market themselves.

Be Aware When Choosing a Medical Spa

Because these spas are opening at such a rapid rate, it can be hard to navigate the offerings and pick one that is right for you. With that said there are a couple of questions you should ask before booking a service at a medical spa.

First off, you want to ask about the medical director. This is the person who is on staff and oversees the medical offerings/treatments. However, there’s a catch. Just because the medical director is on staff, it doesn’t mean they are there in the building at all times. Should anything go wrong during a treatment, you want to be at a clinic where a trained person of medicine is ready to jump in if anything goes awry.

You also want to ask who will be performing the treatment and what their credentials are. Also, ask what to expect before, during and after your treatment, so you aren’t in for any nasty surprises, and of course, you’ll want to inquire about pricing.

A medical spa can provide people with the perfect location to relax, unwind, and also address skin and body issues that may be bothering them through medical treatments.

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