Make Money from Scraps: How to Start a Junkshop Business


Many people think that a junk shop is a place where soiled and spoiled things are just thrown away. But for open-minded people, this can be a good source of income. This business is relevant today.

We are aware of our problems when it comes to garbage. Even the government has imposed rules on recycling and waste management. This business can generate an income, both to garbage collectors and junkshop owners.

Here are some ways on how you can start a junkshop business:


Before you open any business, make sure potential clients you can cater to. In a junk shop business, they are known as recycling agents.

The junk items are sorted and segregated. These clients are who the junk shop owner will be selling these items.



A junk shop contains sharp metals and objects that can be hazardous if placed in a crowded area. You can set it up in your garage if you have a large place. Make sure it is fenced, to make sure that there are no stray kids playing around.


A minimum starting capital investment in a junks shop is around 100,000 pesos. But you can cut back on labor cost as you can start it all alone or with a partner if you are still learning the ins and outs of the business.

You’ll have to secure the necessary business licenses and registrations. You can start in your own garage or a vacant lot so that you won’t have to rent a space.

You also need to consider your purchasing cash, which you will use to buy items from the garbage collectors. You also need the following:

– Weighing scale,
– Pushcarts
– Tools (pliers, steel saw, hammer, screwdriver, etc)
– Vehicle (optional)


Retailers are also known as scavengers. They can be residents from the nearby town or local business establishments. When they bring the materials, inspect it and sort it. Then weigh each item to identify the cost. Transfer the scrap materials to your stock room at once.


To check your financial status, all-cash transactions should be well documented. It is wise to have a logbook for all cash in and cash-out transactions.


Like any other business, the search for retailers and potential clients must be continuous. Don’t just sit down and wait for someone to sell or buy scrap form your shop. You can go out and look for establishments with junk and scrap materials. For selling, you can use social media to promote the scrap materials available in your junk shop.

Any business is a challenge at the start. A junkshop business has the potential to be a good source of income. Try it and learn how you can convert your trash into cash.

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