How to Make the Most of Your Blog Posts


Rajat Chakraborty, Negosentro |  Blogging has become very popular in recent years. Whether you’re blogging for a personal image boost, for a company, or for any other multitude of reasons, there are some factors you should consider that will bump your blog’s popularity and help you make the most of your blog posts.

  • Titles

Titles are your first impressions to the world. You want to create titles that are interesting, concise, and informative. Hook your readers from their first glance at your blog.

  • Social Media

People love sharing and learning more about things they like. Include social share and social profile buttons on your blog. Make it easy for them to share your posts with the people they care about. Simplify the process of connecting with you. This is actually more important than you think.

  • Comments

Be a part of the conversation. Your audience wants to interact with you. Talk to them through comments. Be prepared to answer to negative comments as well as positive comments.

  • Language

Be sure to write in a way your audience can understand. Don’t use words that are fancy, but can be easily replaced with something simpler to understand. Appeal to your audience on a wider scale.

  • Pictures

Use pictures to entice readers to continue reading your blog. People love to see pictures and this will help the readers stay focused and entertained while reading.

  • Content

In SEO, you have to have original content. In order to get visitors (and search engines) to keep coming back to your blog, you have to update on a consistent basis. Frequently having reliable information will make you popular with your customers, building a loyal following. Blog frequently, because search engines can find out how often you blog too. They will keep you running on top if you update more often.

  • Articles

People love specific types of articles, so provide your clients with what they like most. Generally, Top 10 Lists are popular. You can also write resource lists for a specific topic. Talk about recent news that’s relevant to your blog. Allow other authors to guest blog and be a guest author on other’s blogs. Make things that people can interact with, such as surveys and studies. Also, write tutorials – “how to” articles.

  • Promote

Promote your blog on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Social sharing widgets can show you how many people are sharing your posts through certain social media sites. Blog directories also exist that list blogs.

  • Calls to Action

Invite your readers to interact with your posts through calls to action. For example, have them learn more about a topic by clicking a link at the end of your blog. Request them to leave comments on the topic of the blog. People love to feel included and will happily interact with the page.

  • Blog Design

Design something that is unique and eye-catching. People don’t want to spend their time looking at something unappealing as they want to be mesmerized. So make something that will keep their attention.

  • Blog Communities

Add your blog to blog communities, where you can check out others for networking and information. Likewise, they will look at you for the same.

  • Free Stuff

People love free stuff, like contests. So hold a contest and a few hundred dollars might result in thousands of dollars’ worth of clicks. Or give them access to a free download: music, an eBook, a free online class, or a theme for a popular website. It doesn’t really matter because people will love having something to get for free.

  • Links

Trade links with other bloggers. You can approach them on their blog or through email. Or you can become Facebook friends and discuss it. However, try not to spam because that’s not the way to go about it. Make sure that the bloggers you approach have something in common with your blog. Keep in mind that there’s an etiquette behind this.

  • Hire Someone

If you’re not a writer and don’t particularly want to manage a blog, but think that having one is a good idea, then look into hiring an article or blog writer. These services will write your article or blog for you with the help of professional freelance writers. Many of them screen their writers with tests before they are accepted into the fold. You post your topic, a writer writes it for you, and you pay for the article. After that, the article is yours to use any way you want.

Blogging can boost your image or business in a multitude of ways. There are several secrets to making the most of your blogging that you can follow in order to get the best results. However, if all else fails, you can always hire a writer who will do all of it for you. So don’t panic and happy writing.

Author BIO: Rajat Chakraborty has been a content writer and marketer for last 8 years. He suggests his clients working and effective content strategies that can grow traffic massively. Other than this, he has been a successful Amazon affiliate marketer for last 4 years and owns 5 Amazon niche sites. He runs a company named SEOPAGE1 which has a few sister concerns including Killer content writers. He can be reached at: