Comparing and Contrasting Luxury Vehicles: Lincoln Versus Cadillac

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Cadillac XT4 vs Lincoln MKC 2019

Negosentro|The two giants of American luxury auto manufacturing have got to be Cadillac and Lincoln, and neither car maker is resting on the achievements of their past. The vehicles they’re designing today tip their hat to the old spirit of world-class design and grandeur, while offering a range of modern features the contemporary consumer is sure to love Luxury Vehicles.

Read on to see a comparison between the Cadillac XT4 vs Lincoln MKC 2019 that compares both models, and makes it easy to see where they rank at a glance.

Cadillac XT4: Spunky and Powerful

The 2019 Cadillac XT captures the expansive luxury and scale that made this manufacturer so famous, but this SUV is also a smaller and more athletic package. Good for 258 lb.-ft-torque and 30 miles per the gallon, you’ll get strong core power and impressive mileage.

The Cadillac XT4 features a suite of modern safety features like automatic emergency braking, an advanced rear camera mirror (use as a normal mirror, or the mirror becomes the screen of a wide-lens camera), adaptive cruise control, and more. 

The Cadillac XT4 feels spacious inside, and can ferry a large number of people in supreme style and elegance.

Lincoln MKC: Smart, Powerful and Sophisticated

The 2019 Lincoln MKC is a crossover SUV that has real power under the hood, and sophisticated and intelligence throughout. With the available 2.3L twin-scroll turbocharged engine, the MKC can get you 285-horsepower and no less than 305-lb.-ft of torque Luxury Vehicles. 

Three different technologies provide the power: turbocharging, direct injection, twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT). This is good for a towing capacity of up to 3,000 pounds when properly equipped Luxury Vehicles.

Intelligent All Wheel Drive uses sensors to help the vehicle adjust for traction, so you can drive safely during all seasons. Plus, the electronic stability system provides enhanced Roll Stability Control, with sensors monitoring roll and vehicle roll rate at least 100 times per second. This enables the vehicle to understand when and how to apply the brakes in all four wheels, should it be required Luxury Vehicles.

Adaptive suspension is a new and very refined feature that uses a suite of sensors to adjust the suspension by even taking into account body movement along with steering and braking dynamics in milliseconds. Change easily between driving modes — comfort, normal, or sport Luxury Vehicles.

Active Noise Control reduces unwanted engine noises, making for a more peaceful and serenity-inspiring drive. These features and more are what help the Lincoln MKC to be at the top of its class in terms of performance, style and design for Luxury Vehicles.

Anytime a person is choosing between two luxury vehicles, their preference is ultimately personal. So long as you clearly identify your needs and your budget and you find a vehicle that matches these, you’re sure to love whichever one you choose! When you’re picking from the very best in classic American luxury auto manufacturing that also delivers modern technology and style, you know you’re going to get a Luxury Vehicles.

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